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Other IRB Forms


Other IRB Forms

  • Incident Report Form (DOC)
  • Memorandum to Add Funding Proposal
    • To be used when human subject activities already approved by the IRB are referenced in a new funding proposal that is being submitted to an external funding agency. This form is no longer in use. Please refer to the revised Modification Request Form (DOC) if a new funding proposal is being submitted to an external funding agency.
  • Memo of Understanding Concerning Children’s IRB Review Fees, revised June 26, 2009 (DOC)
    • This form is completed by the researcher when the funding is based outside of Children’s and IRB fees apply. IRB fees apply to all research studies funded by for-profit (corporate) sponsors.
    • IRB fees also apply to research studies funded by private, non-profit or public sponsors when the funding is based at an institution other than Children’s, the University of Washington or the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
  • IRB Criteria and Considerations (PDF)
    • This document lists the IRB approval criteria and considerations for IRB review.
  • Letter of Support Template (DOC)
    • This is provided as a simple template for optional use when researchers need a letter of support/cooperation from departments/clinics/institutions for their research project.
  • Optional Protocol Templates (all files are DOC)
    The following protocol templates and guidelines are provided as resources to researchers who want to create their own protocols for studies. Use of these templates is optional for submission purposes.
  • Research Participants' Rights (DOC)
    • This one-page handout outlines in lay language the rights of research participants. Use with the short-form consent prepared for language minorities.
    • Also useful to hand out to research participants and can be used with any research study as part of the consent process.
  • Request for Tissue for Use in Research (DOC)
    • This form must be completed and sent to the Department of Laboratories if your research project involves the use of tissue collected from Children’s patients.
    • Complete this form if your research will use tissue to be collected prospectively, i.e., tissue that will be removed during a scheduled surgery or procedure.
    • Complete this form if your research will use tissue that has already been collected from patients and stored (archived).

Looking for a Researcher?

Looking for a researcher?