As of March 1 all new applications, modifications, renewals, reportable new information and other work must be submitted to the HSPP via Click IRB. Visit the Click IRB Resources page for additional information.

Advertising for Research Participants

Seattle Children's IRB and Marketing and Communications Department (MarComm) have tools and guidelines governing the creation of all materials used to advertise for the recruitment of research participants.

  • If you have questions about IRB governance or guidelines, contact the IRB.
  • If you would like a consult to create a research participant recruitment marketing plan, or have questions about any marketing tool or method available for participant recruitment, email MarComm.

IRB Guidelines for Recruitment of Research Participants

Recruitment of research participants may involve advertisement. Advertising may include brochures, flyers, newspaper ads, InHouse, public service announcements or postings on Internet websites.

Advertisements require the review and approval of the IRB prior to printing, posting or distributing.

IRB Ad Requirements

Consult worksheet HRP-315 (DOCX) in the Click Library for complete guidance around advertisements for research participants.

Steps for Creating a Research Participant Recruitment Flyer Advertisement

  1. Allow enough time to complete the following steps before you submit your IRB application.
  2. Read How to Write Clear Advertisements to Recruit Research Participants (PDF). 
  3. Create your flyer/advertisement using one of the following Microsoft Word templates.  
  4. Choose and insert photos.
    • Clip art is not permitted.
    • Please use photos from Seattle Children’s photo Media Library. If you need access to the Media Library to browse photos, email Marcomm for a link. The Media Library can only be viewed from inside Seattle Children’s network.
    • If there is a specific photo that you have seen in other Seattle Children’s materials that you would like to use, email MarComm with a link to or a scanned image of the materials to request the specific photo.
    • If, and only if, you cannot find an appropriate photo in the media library, please search for a stock photo image using Thinkstock. Search for photos using keywords, and find a photo and resolution that works for your project. Make sure photos show safe behaviors (e.g., bike helmets, life jackets). Upon identification of your photo, email MarComm with the photo identification number and they will assist you in procuring it.
  5. Request a MarComm review of your advertisement for brand and readability. Email it to MarComm requesting a review for brand and readability, and a representative will review it within 5 business days.
  6. Submit the draft advertisement as an attachment in Click IRB along with your other study application materials. In your comments, explain to the IRB how and where advertisements will be used and posted.

Post a Study on Seattle Children's Website

Seattle Children’s Research Studies and Clinical Trials Web Hub offers researchers a centralized resource to connect with potential study participants.The process to post enrolling research studies is open to any Seattle Children’s research team with an IRB approved study. The form takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to submit the following: 

  • Study title 
  • IRB approval number
  • IRB-approved enrollment start and end dates
  • Condition or therapy being study
  • What is the goal of this study?
  • What happens in the study?
  • Who can join the study?
  • Who can I contact for information or to enroll? 
  • Study location(s)
  • Principal Investigator(s)

Using InHouse and iKnow to Communicate About Your Study

If you aim to recruit participants into your studies from the children and families of Seattle Children’s workforce, announcements can be posted in InHouse and iKnow. As InHouse and iKnow are only distributed to Seattle Children’s employees, they are not effective ways to reach anyone other than Seattle Children’s employees.

InHouse and iKnow study announcement requirements

  1. The audience for the study must be Seattle Children’s employees. 
  2. All content submitted must be IRB-approved before you submit to InHouse or iKnow.  
  3. Content must comply with the following format and length requirements.
    • You must submit two versions of an InHouse/iKnow announcement: a truncated version for the email newsletter and a longer version for CHILD. The truncated version will link to the longer version. Both versions should have the same headline.
      • Headlines: Should be clear and descriptive, and should not exceed 70 characters (including spaces).
      • Email newsletter (truncated) version: Content should be clear, very high-level and no more than 70 words (including headline). Include the text “Read more” at the end so interested employees can click to read full details.
      • CHILD (longer) version: Should include details of the study and be no more than 200 words (including headline). The content on this page must follow the same content guidelines as the study’s IRB-approved flyer.
      • See some examples (PDF) to assist you in understanding required length and format.
  4. Email complete content separately to the following email inboxes by the appropriate deadline.
    • Email InHouse no later than noon on Friday the week before you want the announcement to run. If you want the announcement to run multiple weeks (up to 3 consecutive weeks), tell the InHouse team in your request. Announcements will run as “New” the first week, and as “Reminders” the second and third weeks.
    • Email iKnow no later than 5 p.m. on Friday the week before you want the announcement to run. If you want the announcement to run multiple weeks (up to 3 consecutive weeks), tell the iKnow team in your request.
  5. If your announcement does not meet the above requirements, it will not be published.
  6. InHouse and iKnow will publish up to two new study recruitment announcements per week. If more than two requests are received, additional requests will be held for the following week’s InHouse and iKnow.

Posting Your Participant Recruitment Advertisements and Flyers

Inside the hospital

Flyers, advertisements and brochures may be posted in designated areas at Seattle Children's Hospital (e.g., specific clinics, the community bulletin board outside of Starbucks, etc.). Please work directly with the clinics on posting and removing advertisements.

Advertisements may not be placed in elevators, hallways or public areas of the hospital.

Outside the hospital

Researchers need to work directly with the sites on posting and removing their advertisements.

At Seattle metro area community events

Do you want your study recruitment flyer at community events where Seattle Children’s Community Outreach team is already scheduled to be? The Community Outreach team’s schedule varies; however, there are some annual events that they attend regularly.

  • Because of limited space, we can only display three flyers at a time.
  • We accept flyers on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Depending on demand and event schedule, there may be a time limit for flyer rotation.

Please follow this submission process to have your flyer go out in the field with Community Outreach.

  1. Email your IRB-approved flyer to Community Outreach for brand review. 
  2. If your flyer is approved for distribution by Seattle Children’s at community events, you will be required to provide a stack of printed flyers.

If you are not sure if your study materials are appropriate for community events, but you know going out into the community should be part of your recruitment plan, please email us to request a consult.

Community Outreach events

While the Community Outreach team is very small, they do staff tables or booths at several events throughout the year which often draw a diverse group of families. The schedule varies based on available opportunities, but in general the list below is static year to year.

  • Kohl’s bike helmet events. These take place nine or ten times a year and bring anywhere from 300–500 families.
  • ParentMap lectures. There are usually six to eight lectures a year. The outreach team has a table at three or four of the lectures. 
  • Auburn Kids Day. Third or fourth Friday in June (several thousand people/families in attendance).
  • Mercer Island Summer Celebration. Second weekend in July.
  • Movies at Magnuson. Eight Thursdays in July and August (1,000–2,000 people in attendance). The outreach team has a booth at three to five of the movies each summer.
Spring or fall 
  • Seattle Children’s Health Fair. This is an annual event that we host at the hospital or another Seattle Children’s location. It draws between 800–1,200 people. 

Other Recruitment Templates

All files are DOCs.

  • Study Introduction Letter for Parents and Guardians
    • This template provides a framework for a study introduction/recruitment letter written to parents/guardians of a potential participant.
  • Study Introduction Letter for Participants
    • This template provides a framework for a study introduction/recruitment letter written to a potential participant.
  • Response Card for Parents and Guardians
    • The Response Card Template is a guide for research teams looking to solicit a response regarding interest in a study from a parent or guardian of a potential participant.
  • Response Card for Participants
    • The Response Card Template is a guide for research teams looking to solicit a response regarding interest in a study from a potential participant.
  • Telephone Script, revised July 2, 2012
    • This template is a starting point for research teams that plan to contact potential participants by phone after introducing the study via mail, etc.