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Now available: Western IRB review

Seattle Children's Research Institute has an agreement in place to allow for review by Western IRB (WIRB) of projects at a cost to study teams. Please see the WIRB Process page for more information.

Now available: Revised process for dbGaP/NDAR certifications (August 2013)

The process for requesting dbGaP/NDAR certifications has been revised. Please see the new IRB Policy 45 (PDF) and the dbGaP/NDAR Certification Form (DOC) for more information. Note that the GWAS Supplement that was part of the initial application forms has been retired and replaced with the dbGaP/NDAR Certification Form. For sample consent form language to be used for dbGaP and NDAR studies, please see the revised Language Resource Text (DOC).

IRB Best Practices for Common Problems presentation available

PowerPoint presentation available for the Clinical Research Forum: IRB Best Practices for Common Problems (March 28, 2013). PDF version is also available.

Now available: Emergency Use Materials (March 2013)

IRB Policy #29 for Emergency Use of Drugs, Biologics and Devices (PDF) has been revised. Please email the Emergency Use Report Form (DOC) to the designated IRB representative (usually the IRB chair; see the policy) before calling, if possible, so the IRB representative can reference the form during the call.

Now available: Expanded application for exempt and other statuses, not requiring IRB approval

Our previous application for exempt status is now revised to allow a mechanism for research teams to submit to the IRB for an expanded number of determinations that do not require IRB approval. These actions do require IRB review in order to make a determination, but do not require further review or approval from the IRB.

The new application (DOC) includes all of the following determination categories:

  • Not Research
  • Research But Not Involving Human Subjects
  • Exempt Human Subjects Research
  • Non-Engagement in Human Subjects Research

Researchers should submit this new application when making such requests for IRB determination.

Other form updates

The request forms for Modifications, Consultations and the IRB-ITHS Application (short/long) have been updated.

  • At submission, please attach both tracked changes and clean versions of revised documents along with the modification request form.
  • Consultations are now recommended for questions or studies involving multiple institutions.
  • Study team signatures are no longer required in the updated SFI section of the IRB-ITHS Application form.

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    If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Human Subjects Protection Program for assistance.

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