What is Click?

Huron’s Click Portal is a comprehensive suite of software solutions for managing the business of research. Click streamlines workflow and facilitates compliance for research organizations.

Seattle Children’s Research Institute has implemented two modules in Click. The first is the Financial Disclosure Module, which helps research teams and the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) identify and manage potential conflicts of interest.

The second is the IRB Module, which helps research teams conform to federally-mandated management of human subjects research, including increased efficiency and greater standardization across documents and processes used by the IRB, and increased visibility during the review process.

The two modules are integrated, bringing further efficiency to research teams by checking compliance reporting of all study team members, and providing real time visibility to the work flow of studies in progress.

Who has access to Click?

Click is secure, which means only authorized individuals with a valid Seattle Children’s username and password have access to it. Click users only have access to information and actions pertinent to their roles. If you need access to Click and have never accessed Seattle Children’s network or want to confirm that you have access, please contact Research HR.

How do I access Click?

Click can only be accessed from within Seattle Children’s network, either at a Seattle Children’s location with an established local Seattle Children’s network, or offsite by establishing a secure network connection via remote access. Wi-fi connectivity is not recommended when using Click. If you need assistance logging in remotely to Seattle Children’s network, please contact Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.

I’m logged on to Seattle Children’s network. What do I do next?

Once logged on to Seattle Children’s network, follow the steps below.

About Click - Image 1

About Click - Image 2

1. Click on the Citrix icon to open up the list of viewable applications.

2. Select the Click application icon from the list. This will open Click IRB in an Internet Explorer 9.0 session.

3. If you do not see the form shown below, click the Login link located at the top right corner of your screen. Use your Seattle Children's user name and password to access the system.

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After you initially log in to the system, you can set your preferences to log you in automatically when you access Click.

To turn on Autologin, check the Remember me box the next you log in to Click IRB.

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Important! Do not enable autologin if you are using a shared or public computer. Autologin could cause a security breach by allowing others to take actions as though they were you.

To turn off Autologin, click the Logoff link in the upper right corner. When you receive the logoff confirmation, select Clear Autologin.

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After Login – Using Your Inbox

Once you log in, you are taken to your Inbox work space (My Inbox), which lists the items that need your attention. From your Inbox, clicking the arrow next to the Financial Disclosure or IRB topic expands the menu and provides actions available to you.

About Click - Image 6About Click - Image 7

Other Tab Items Available from Your Inbox

About Click - Image 8

  • Home – Takes you to the main home page in Click/IRB
  • Financial Disclosures – Takes you to your financial disclosure workspace, where you can access your financial disclosures
  • IRB (Main Page) – Provides a high-level list of all studies you are involved in. Links to helpful information, including templates in the Library and Help, are located on the left side of the screen.

Where can I get more information about financial disclosures?

For questions and help related to your financial disclosures, contact the Office of Research Compliance or visit the ORC web page.

Where can I get more information about IRB submissions?

For questions and help related to your IRB submissions contact the IRB or visit the IRB web page.