Condition or Therapy: Concussion, sports concussion, head injury
Category: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

What is the goal of this study?

The researchers on this study want to understand the long-term effects for youth who get concussions. Specifically, we want to answer two questions: 

  • What factors influence recovery and re-injury after concussion?
  • What interventions are effective at preventing concussions?

In order to understand recovery, we have to understand how youth athletes are doing before they get injured. We created this multi-year study to include healthy athletes and follow them throughout a season and ideally over a number of years.

Who can join the study?

Any youth athlete registered to play football with the Northwest Junior Football League (NJFL) may enroll in this study.

What happens in the study?

Youth athletes registered with the Northwest Junior Football League (NJFL) and their parents will complete a set of baseline surveys. These surveys help the researchers understand more about the youth athlete before injury. If the athlete has a concussion while on the team, they would talk to a research assistant on the phone soon after the injury to answer some questions about their injury and recovery. During the 6 months following the concussion, the athlete and their parent will answer questions online about their recovery. 

Who can I contact for information or to enroll?

Please contact Shannon Higgins by email or at 206-295-8109

Study Location(s): This study can take place online or over the phone.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Frederick Rivara

Learn about the Seattle Pediatric Concussion Research Collaborative at Seattle Children's.