Condition or Therapy: Weight management
Category: Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine; Nutrition

What is the goal of this study?

The goal of this study is to look at how the brain responds to food and test a family-based behavioral treatment in order to find better ways to help families maintain a healthy weight. Many children and parents have better weight control from receiving behavioral treatment. This study does not use medicines or medical procedures. The study sessions are free.

Who can join the study?

You may be able to take part in this research study if:

  • Your child is 9-11 years old and is heavy for their age and sex
  • At least one of your child’s parents is overweight
  • You and your child speak English
  • Both you and your child are not currently in any treatment that affects weight or growth

What happens in the study?

If you and your child decide to take part in the study, both you and your child would:

  • Participate in family-based behavioral weight control treatment sessions every week for 6 months. The sessions are free and run in the evening for 90 minutes at our offices in downtown Seattle.
  • Get measurements of your body composition (such as weight and height), diet and activity before receiving any treatment
  • Get measurements taken throughout the study and after the behavioral treatment

Children will also have 5 additional visits:

  • One 90 minute mock scan visit to help kids get familiar with the scan process. 
  • Two 5.5 hour visits at the University of Washington Imaging Center, where your child will have neuroimaging studies by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), blood sampling, body composition measurements, and completion of questionnaires. 
  • Two other visits will be less than 2 hours, which will include body measurements and questionnaires 6 and 12 months after treatment ends.

Families who participate will get up to $320 as a thank you for their time for completing all the study visits.

Who can I contact for information or to enroll?

Email Maya Rowland or call 206-884-8267.

Study Location(s): University of Washington Imaging Center and Seattle Children’s Research Institute: West 8th
Principal Investigator: Dr. Christian Roth