Seattle Children’s prioritizes nursing research as an important element to ensure patients receive the highest quality of nursing care. The Nursing Research Program creates structure and processes to support nurses in all positions to lead and participate in interprofessional scholarly research throughout Seattle Children’s.

We seek to continually:

  • Facilitate the conduct of research studies that generate new knowledge
  • Engage nurses in the systematic examination of their clinical hypotheses
  • Provide research mentorship and resources
  • Promote interprofessional research

Our program and its offerings include:

  • Mentorship by an experienced nursing scientist
  • Nursing Research Grant Program
  • Research-related consultations
  • Access to expert resources, such as medical librarians, statisticians, data managers and clinical research associates
  • Nursing Research Steering Committee
  • Annual Nursing Research Symposium

Our outcomes include:

All Nurses Can Support Research

Seattle Children's nurses are experts in caring for children. Our nurses know a child is – most importantly – a member of a family and a community. Our nurses know that healing has many dimensions, and they are committed to honoring the dignity of each child and family. Our nurses forge strong, ongoing relationships with patients and families. As frontline providers, they are uniquely positioned to talk with patients and families about why Seattle Children’s engages in research and to share information about studies happening in their clinical areas.

For more information about the Nursing Research Program, send us an email.