2015 Conference – The Delicate Triangle: Responsibilities and Challenges in the Provider-Patient-Parent Relationship

The Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics hosted its 11th annual pediatric bioethics conference on July 24–25, 2015. The conference featured nationally known speakers in the field of bioethics. Speakers addressed a wide range of ethical questions and issues in pediatric health care including:

  • What do you do when parents insist on shielding their child from a diagnosis?
  • Are there communication techniques that increase vaccination rates? If so, when does persuasion in the clinical context become manipulation or coercion?
  • How do we avoid “implicit bias” in our language and treatment of families from different religious or ethnic groups?
  • How and when do we inform the patient and parents when genetic testing reveals an incidental finding that has unclear implications?

Videos, speaker biographies and PowerPoint presentations will be posted by late August.