The Scharenberg Laboratory develops gene editing technologies and translational applications of these technologies in adoptive T-cell immunotherapies and hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy.

Led by Dr. Andrew Scharenberg, our lab has a particular interest developing new technologies to increase the efficiency and safety of gene editing. Our current research includes new approaches for nuclease expression in primary cell types, alternative approaches for provision of recombination templates, and methods for manipulation of the DNA repair machinery to promote recombination-based genome editing.

We collaborate with Dr. David Rawlings' laboratory on applications of homing endonucleases, TALENs and CRISPR nucleases for gene editing in hematopoietic stem cells, and for adoptive immunotherapies for autoimmune disease.

We also collaborate with Dr. Michael Jensen's laboratory on applications of gene editing for adoptive immunotherapy for oncology applications.

Investigator Biography

Andrew Scharenberg

Andrew M. Scharenberg, MD, is an attending physician at Seattle Children's Hospital, and a professor in the Department of Pediatrics and adjunct professor in the Department of Immunology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He participates in Seattle Children's Immunodeficiency Clinic and the Inpatient Immunology Consult Service, and is involved in teaching and graduate education at the University of Washington.

Dr. Scharenberg's clinical interests are focused on diagnosis and care of patients with inherited diseases of immune function, and the implementation of curative molecular therapies for these patients. His efforts in these activities are closely linked with the Scharenberg Laboratory's basic and translational work on gene editing technology.

Scharenberg received the American Pediatric Society/Society for Pediatric Research National Young Investigator Award in 2002, and is an active member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the American Pediatric Society. He was a co-founder of the gene-editing company Pregenen, acquired by bluebird bio in 2014.