Richard James

Richard James LabRichard James, PhD, is a principal investigator at Seattle Children's Research Institute's Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies and an assistant professor at the University of Washington. He received his PhD from Harvard University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington.

Cellular Signaling in Lymphoma and Autoimmunity

The James lab is interested in understanding how genetic variation and pharmacological treatments alter cellular signaling. Changes in cellular signaling cause cells to overproliferate, as in lymphoma, or to attack healthy tissue, as in autoimmunity. Signaling changes also underlay resistance to therapies for these diseases. For instance, lymphoma cells develop resistance to many targeted therapies by up-regulating signaling pathways that promote cell survival and growth.

We use quantitative proteomics to understand which signaling pathways are up-regulated during disease and in response to these therapies. Our goals are:

  1. Find ways to eradicate problems like drug resistance by learning which signaling events are required for resistance and developing strategies to target them.
  2. Identify signaling-based proteomic biomarkers that predict if or when drug resistance is developing in patients, so that treatment strategy can be altered proactively.

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Our work was featured in Seattle Children's Research Institute's 2015 Academic Annual Report. Please visit our external lab page for more details on our research.