Center for Developmental Therapeutics Research Cores

The Center for Developmental Therapeutics is developing resources to support the greater research community. Our research cores include training, technical and intellectual assistance on projects and access to potential collaborators.

All members of the research community are encouraged to make use of these resources. Comments or suggestions are welcome.

High-Throughput Data Analysis Core

The mission of Seattle Children's High-Throughput Data Analysis Core (HAC) is to enable biomedical discoveries by translating data to knowledge. We provide the research community with analysis and integration expertise as well as data acquisition (proteomics) services. Our services are available for individual project sections and phases or for the full cycle of your project including funding applications.

To learn more about the HAC, please contact Gregory Yandl, business development specialist.

Next Generation Sequencing Core

The Sequencing Core provides access to next generation sequencing technology based in the laboratory of Dr. Sihoun Hahn.

The Hahn lab has an Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx (GAIIx), a next-generation sequencer that performs massively parallel sequencing-by-synthesis. The GAIIx is capable of generating 80 billion bases of DNA sequence per run and is ideal for targeted capture, ChIP-seq, smallRNA-seq and small genome re-sequencing.

Potential applications for the GAIIx include DNA sequencing, gene regulation analysis, sequencing-based transcriptome analysis, SNP discovery and structural variation analysis, cytogenetic analysis, DNA-protein interaction analysis (ChIP-Seq) and sequencing-based methylation analysis.

The core is able to offer access to this instrument for small scale sequencing project. The core will provide sequencing and standard data analysis, which includes converting raw image data to base calls, providing quality scores at each base and aligning sequences to a reference genome. Sample prep, data interpretation and validation might be available for some projects, but will need to be discussed with the Hahn lab.

To learn more about the Sequencing Core, please contact Dr. Valeria Vasta, technical director of the Hahn lab.

All Research Cores

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