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Cox Lab

Lab Members


Senior Lab Members

  • Liza Cox, Research Scientist IV
  • Yongzhao Huang, Research Scientist III
  • Siddharth Vora, Senior Fellow Trainee
  • Kai Yu, Acting Assistant Professor

Graduate Students (DDS/PhD, PhD)

  • Esra Camci (PhD, Oral Health Sciences)
  • Emily Chu (DDS/PhD, Oral Health Sciences)
  • Cathy Koto (DDS/PhD, Oral Health Sciences)
  • Wenjie Li (PhD, Oral Health Sciences)
  • Sara Rolfe (PhD, Computer Science and Engineering)

Undergraduate Students

  • Tina Fu
  • Matt LaCourse
  • Imahn Moin
  • Kathie Wang

Looking for a Researcher?

Looking for a researcher?