RCRICThe Radiology Clinical Research Imaging Core (RCRIC) provides Seattle Children's investigators and study teams with three types of services. 

  1. Free consultation (e.g., project feasibility, site visit requests, analytic questions)
  2. Research image copying 
  3. Study startup activities (post-award)

For a free consultation, send us an email.

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Fees and Services

Radiology exam image anonymization and copying

Includes standardized intake, QA, compliance review and tracking, retrieval of patient imaging exams, anonymization, copying images to DVD/CD and sending to requested location. Typical return time is 2 weeks.

  • Rate: $16 per patient exam (retrieval of archived non-digital images from remote site storage entails additional direct cost charge.)

Radiology technologist

Some research studies require technologists to perform study-related activities that are outside of standard duties (e.g., sponsor requirements for phantoms, extensive technologist certification/training, maintenance and/or submission of monitor reports or workbooks, offsite meetings with sponsor representatives). When these requirements are identified in the protocol or in early communication with sponsors, estimated expenses will be incorporated into the study budget at the outset. 

  • Hourly rate: $65 


Include recurring phantom testing, creating custom analyses or data-manipulation, protocol optimization that may be non-standard and time intensive, imaging protocol selection and consultation on research options and advice on acquisition of study-related analysis software or oversight of minor equipment installation. 

  • Hourly rate: $80

Administrative Startup Fees

RCRIC provides assistance to investigators and research staff to facilitate the selection, setup, implementation and conduct of research studies involving Seattle Children's. To defray the cost of these support activities, administrative startup fees will be charged on a one-time basis at one of three levels, depending upon the modality and complexity of the imaging studies.* 

Level 1

Simple clinical imaging exams in DX, DEXA, US, during regular hours

  • Fee: $619

Level 2

Clinical DX and DEXA (complex), nuclear med, PET, CT, regular hours/after hours, large volume

  • Fee: $1,700

Level 3

MRI, drug studies, multiple modality studies, with anesthesia-sedation component, non-clinical research studies, regular/after hours, combined research/clinical studies

  • Fee: $2,732

Seattle Children's consortium groups may elect one of two options to be applied to all projects within the specific consortium: 

Option 1

The entire consortium group is charged a single Level 3 rate every 12 months. The first half will be charged either upon execution of the consortium agreement or during the first month of the Seattle Children's fiscal year, whichever comes first. The second half will be charged at the first imaging service event. If no imaging service is performed within the 12-month period, the second half will not be charged in that year. 

Option 2

Each study under a consortium agreement is viewed as a separate billable unit, and charged at the appropriate level described above.

* RCRIC support charges are reviewed yearly, with rate adjustments made as appropriate. Please note that all charges for imaging exams are subject to coding and billing regulatory requirements, Seattle Children's pricing changes and other revisions depending on intensity of workflow/resource utilization.  

Location and Hours of Operation

RCRIC is based within the Department of Radiology on Seattle Children's main campus. RCRIC team members can be reached via email Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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