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Pathology Integrative Resource Core

PIRC Services and Fees


New Study Set-Up Administrative Fees

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Level 1$8.00$11.84Per study
Level 2$93.00$137.64Per study
Level 3$238.00$352.24Per study

Histology Services

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Paraffin processing and sectioning   
Trim to cassette$2.00$2.96Each
Paraffin process/embed$5.00$7.40Each
Cut unstained, first slide$4.00$5.92Each
Cut unstained, additional slides$2.00$2.96Each
Thick cut ribbon$8.00$11.84Each
Processing and sectioning   
Snap frozen in cryovial or cassette$10.00$14.80Each
Embed, cryosection, first slide$10.00$14.80Each
Embed, cryosection, additional slides$2.50$3.70     Each
Fresh tissue in PBS or RPMI$10.00$14.80Each
Special stains   
H&E (batch of 10)$20.00$29.60Each batch
AFB/Fe/PAS/PAS-D/Alcian blue/LFB/GMS/Reticulin/WG$8.50$12.58Each
AFB/Fe/PAS/PAS-D/Alcian blue/LFB/GMS/Reticulin/WG (batch of 10)$60.00$88.80Each batch
MT/VVG/Congo/Sirius/Steiner/colloidal Fe/ORO/Gram Pentachrome$12.50$18.50Each
MT/VVG/Congo/Sirius/Steiner/colloidal Fe/ORO/Gram Pentachrome (batch of 10)$90.00$133.20Each batch
In situ hybridization (you provide the probe)$25.00$37.00Each
In situ hybridization (we provide the probe)$40.00$59.20Each


 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Established immunostain$25.00$37.00Per slide
Antibody workup$225.00$333.00Per antibody
Dual immunostain$60.00$88.80Per slide
Immunofluorescence$45.00$66.60Per slide
Dual immunofluorescence$57.00$84.36Per slide
Triple immunofluorescence$70.00$103.60Per slide

Electron microscopy

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
EM tissue processing/embed$20.00$29.60Per block
EM sectioning and scoping $40.00$59.20Hourly

Tissue Microarrays

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Consultation and setup (tissue provided by researcher)$150.00$222.00Each
Consultation and setup (tissue provided by core)$450.00$666.00Each
TMA construction (tissue core placement in TMA block)$3.75$5.55Per core
Unstained slide from TMA block$7.40$10.95Per slide

Molecular Studies

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
DNA isolation from fresh or frozen tissue sample$25.00$37.00Each
DNA isolation from blood/saliva$20.00$29.60Each
RNA isolation/QC check from fresh or frozen tissue sample$40.00$59.20Each


 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Frozen shipping$32.40$47.95Each
Room-temperature shipping$16.75$24.79Each

Specimen Storage

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
Freezer storage (-80°C) (additional tech fee for redoing inventory)$12.00$17.76Per box/year
Liquid nitrogen storage$75.00$111.00Per box/year

Additional Services

 ServicePIRC feeExternal feeUnit
OR pickup$18.00$29.60Each
Off hours sample pickupVariesVariesEach
Liquid specimen aliquotting (1–6)$6.00$8.88Each
Liquid specimen aliquotting (7–12)$8.00$11.84Each
Liquid specimen processing (spin, aliquot) (1–6)$9.00$13.32Each
Liquid specimen processing (spin, aliquot) (7–12)$12.00$17.76Each
Pregnancy test$7.50$11.10     Each
Bone marrow processing with Ficoll$100.00$148.00Each
Lysosomal Acid Lipase (LAL)$46.00$68.08Each
PBMC isolation$35.00$51.80Each
Pulling slides and blocks$23.78$35.19Hourly
Photography support$45.00$66.60Hourly
Pathologist, hourly fee to cover other services$100.00$148.00Hourly
Technician, hourly fee to cover other services$23.78$35.19Hourly

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