The CCBS is committed to providing statistical collaboration with investigators at Seattle Children's to support pediatric research. CCBS support is available to all Seattle Children's employees; however, depending on availability and timeframe, priority may be given to CCTR members and affiliates.

Request a consultation

Successful collaborations require advance notice. Consultations for externally funded grants must be submitted at least 8 weeks (and preferably more) prior to the grant deadline, and at least 4 weeks for internally funded grants.


  • Statistical support services are charged at a flat staff rate of $105 per hour for internal projects.
  • Data management consulting services are charged at a flat staff rate of $65 per hour for internal projects.
  • Faculty and external rates are available upon request.

Preparing for Your Consultation Appointment

For study design consultations, it is helpful to bring background materials such as a draft of the grant application, Institutional Review Board (IRB) application or study protocol. Copies of key publications related to your topic can also be useful.

If you will be requesting a statistical power or sample size calculation for a randomized trial, your consultant will need information about the expected outcomes in the control group and the magnitude of effect that you would like the study to be able to detect. Most commonly, estimates of mean and standard deviation of the primary outcome measurement for each group are adequate. Studies for which the primary outcome measurement is reported as a proportion do not require a standard deviation estimate. Maximum recruitment potential is also a key factor in evaluating sample size options, so information on the availability of eligible subjects at study sites, budgetary constraints or logistical limitations is also useful.

For projects needing statistical support for data analysis, please bring copies of case report form templates, data coding keys, electronic file templates and/or the actual data file (s).

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