The CCTR Business Office is responsible for the day-to-day fiscal and administrative operations for the center, including the management and oversight of operational and research budgets, pre- and post-award management, purchasing and more.

Grant and Contract Administrators

Grant and contract administrators (GCA) are available to help CCTR investigators navigate all steps in the grant application and contract-initiation process, from concept development through award close-out. CCTR investigators can find their assigned GCA below:

Division/Department CCTR Grant and Contract Administrator
Adolescent Medicine Terri Frank
Allergy Nicole Hobbs
Anesthesiology Stacey Morris
Bioethics Stephanie Knutzen
Cardiology Stephanie Fudurich
Craniofacial Medicine Stephanie Fudurich
Critical Care Stephanie Fudurich
Dermatology Stephanie Fudurich
Dentistry Stacey Morris
Developmental Medicine Stephanie Knutzen
Emergency Medicine Nicole Hobbs
Endocrinology Stephanie Knutzen
Gastroenterology Sara Westrick Corbin
General and Thoracic Surgery Stephanie Knutzen
General Pediatrics Terri Frank
Genetics Nicole Hobbs
Hematology/Oncology Marisa Zaleski
Hospital Medicine Sara Westrick Corbin
Infectious Diseases Nicole Hobbs
Main Labs Terri Frank
Neonatology Terri Frank
Nephrology Stacey Morris
Neurodevelopmental Terri Frank
Neurology Terri Frank
Nursing Stephanie Fudurich
Orthopedics Terri Frank
Ophthalmology Shakema Magee
Otolaryngology Terri Frank
Laboratories/Pathology and Lab Medicine Terri Frank
Plastic Surgery Stephanie Fudurich
Psychiatry Stephanie Fudurich
Pulmonary Stacey Morris
Radiology Terri Frank
Rehab Medicine Stephanie Knutzen
Rheumatology Terri Frank
Therapeutics Development Network (TDN) Shakema Magee
Urology Nicole Hobbs