Our infectious disease (ID) investigators make valuable contributions to our program. Read their individual provider profiles to learn more about their expertise and research interests.

Jane Burns, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Dr. Burns' primary research focuses on cystic fibrosis microbiology, including antibiotic resistance and bacterial pathogenesis. Her studies have used both in vitro and in vivo models of infection.

Claudia Crowell, MD
Acting Instructor, Infectious Disease

Dr. Crowell's research focuses on the prevention, treatment efficacy and clinical outcomes of pediatric HIV.

Janet A. Englund, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Dr. Englund's research interests include the study of vaccine-preventable diseases and viral respiratory diseases in young children and immunocompromised hosts, including transplant recipients, as well as the evaluation of antiviral therapy for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases.

Matthew Kronman, MD, MSCE
Assistant Professor, Infectious Disease

Dr. Kronman's primary research area of interest is antimicrobial stewardship, using the tools of pharmacoepidemiology to understand current patterns of antimicrobial use, identify the unintended consequences of antimicrobial overuse, and ultimately find ways to improve the overall quality of antimicrobial prescribing for various conditions.

Ann Melvin, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Dr. Melvin's research interests are in the antiretroviral management of HIV disease in children, and the prevention and management of complications of HIV treatment.

Danielle Zerr, MD, MPH
Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases

Dr. Zerr's research focuses defining the epidemiology of viral pathogens in healthy children and immunocompromised hosts, and describing the epidemiology and defining prevention strategies for healthcare-associated infections.

Research Staff

Our research staff are usually the first point of contact for any clinical trial. Please contact one of them to learn more about a specific study or taking part in ID clinical research in general.

Amanda Adler
Research Associate

Kirsten Lacombe, MSN
Research Nurse Manager