Healthy Children and Adults Needed for a Head and Face Research Study

Seattle Children's researchers are looking for volunteers to spend 40 minutes participating in research to help us understand features of the head and face in children and young adults.

The study's goal is to identify genes that contribute to variations in facial features. It accomplishes this by building a database of 3D images of people who don't have a craniofacial condition. These images provide a valuable baseline for investigating a variety of malformations of the head and face.

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You or your child are eligible to volunteer if you or your child:

  • Are 3-40 years old
  • Have no history of medical conditions that affect the head or face
  • Have had no past surgeries on your head or face
  • Do not have prominent facial hair (or are willing to shave)
  • Do not have facial piercings

What do volunteers do?

If you decide to take part in the research study, you would attend one 40-minute visit at Seattle Children's campus or at our research institute in downtown Seattle. During the visit you would:

  • Complete a brief questionnaire and interview about your medical history and demographics
  • Have measurements taken of your hands and face
  • Provide a saliva sample
  • Have 3-D pictures taken of your face

Participants will receive a $20 gift card and a copy of their 3-D image to thank them for their time and participation.

For More Information

To take part in this research or find out more information, please contact us at 206-884-3800 or by email.