The Clinical Research Scholars Program is now accepting applications. Applications are due Friday, April 3, 2015

Application Process

  1. Download and complete all required application materials:
  2. Before submission, contact your grant and contract administrator for assistance with the development of your budget and guidance through the internal sign-off process for grant submission.
  3. Application format specifications:
    • Font: Arial 11 point regular
    • Margins: At least one-half inch on all sides.
    • Single-spaced.
    • Page limit: Follow guidelines for each section (see application checklist).
  4. The CCTR has several core infrastructure services that scholars may wish to use. Selected core services are offered to CRSP scholars at a subsidized rate. More information can be found on Children's core pages.
  5. To request a biostatistics study design consultation, applicants must contact Children's Center for Biomedical Statistics (CCBS) at least three weeks in advance of the application deadline.
  6. Email final application materials (PDF or Word document) to the CRSP program coordinator no later than 11:59 p.m. on the application deadline.

Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit their applications for review one additional time, unless the reviewers determine that the application does not meet the intent of the program. If the application is a resubmission of a previously unfunded CRSP application, please include a description of how the application has been modified in response to the previous review.

Contact Information

Margaret Rosenfeld, MD, MPH
CRSP Director

Joseph Flynn, MD
CRSP Associate Director

Colleen Lee
CRSP Program Coordinator

Children's Core for Biostatistical Services