Application Preparation  

  1.  Review the award details, eligibility requirements and award terms and conditions.
  2. Download and complete the AEF Application Packet (DOCX).
  3. Applicants must send a copy of their project proposal to their assigned CCTR grants and contract administrator (GCA) at least 15 business days before final submission. Your CCTR GCA will assist you in the development of your proposal and budget, and coordinate review of clinical billable events, if applicable. They will also guide you through the internal sign-off process for grant submission.
    • If you are not a CCTR member, please send us an email to be assigned to a CCTR GCA for this program’s application. 
  4. There are many core services that can be used for funded AEF projects. The costs for these services should be included in the project budget. 
  5. Applicants must request services from Children's Core for Biomedical Statistics at least four weeks before the application deadline. This is optional, but strongly encouraged.
  6. Meet with your department/division chair to discuss your application submission. Your department/division chair must sign off your application. They must also acknowledge that they are willing to support retaining and protecting adequate non-clinical research time if you are awarded the AEF grant.
  7. Final applications must be emailed as one single PDF packet to the AEF program administrator no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 23, 2017.

 For more information about the application process, contact Colleen Lee.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Academic Enrichment Fund Committee. Prioritization will be based on a project’s:

  • Likelihood of enhancing our knowledge of disease, clinical practice or educational mission
  • Having a well-defined outcome or product (such as, but not limited to, a publication)
  • Feasibility within a justified budget
  • Likelihood of promoting the applicant’s and/or Seattle Children’s academic status

Preference will be given to collaborative projects involving multiple departments and/or divisions. All unsuccessful applicants will receive a summary of reviews conducted on their applications. Final funding decisions will be made by the AEF program director. Applications will not be reviewed unless they are complete and adhere to the eligibility requirements specified above. 

Award Terms and Conditions

  1. Seattle Children’s Academic Enrichment Program will grant a cost-reimbursable award of up to $25,000 per individual applicant and up to $40,000 for projects that involve multiple eligible investigators from different divisions or departments. Awardees will receive a Lawson activity number for project-related expenses.
  2. AEF awards are non-transferable. They are intended to cultivate and support the scholarship and research of the recipient.
  3. Payment of indirect costs or applicant salary is not allowed for this award.
  4. A progress report must be submitted to AEF program administrator at least 30 days prior to the year 2 project start date. Year 2 support is contingent upon receipt and acceptance of this project report.
  5. It is expected that the research will be conducted within the timeline of and as outlined in the submitted proposal. Funds not expended by the end of the project date will be returned to the AEF Program.
  6. Any re-budgeting or changes to your original proposal outline requires prior approval from the AEF Committee chair. Requests for re-budgeting and proposal changes can be sent to the AEF program administrator to be forwarded to the chair for consideration.
  7. No-cost extensions require the approval of the Academic Enrichment Fund Committee. All requests for a no-cost extension should be submitted to the AEF program administrator no less than 30 days prior to the project end date. Only one no-cost extension will be granted and the funds must be expended within one year of the no-cost extension approval.
  8. The recipient must ensure that, before the research commences and during the full award period, all the necessary national and local ethical, legal and regulatory requirements to conduct the research are met, and all the necessary licenses and approvals have been obtained.
  9. Travel and travel costs must abide by Seattle Children’s travel and reimbursement policies.
  10. Where the terms and conditions of the award have not been observed, the AEF Program reserves the right to withdraw the remainder of the award.
  11. At the conclusion of the project, a final report will be submitted to the AEF program administrator within 60 days of project end date.
  12. Acknowledgement should be included on all publications that result from support by Seattle Children’s Academic Enrichment Program funding.