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Bringing Balance to the Face

Bringing Balance to the Face

Dr. Richard Hopper and his colleagues in the Craniofacial Center are the first to offer children with Apert syndrome a revolutionary procedure to normalize their facial proportions.
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New Approach to Curing Crohns

New Approach to Curing Crohn's

Seattle Children’s researchers are using fecal transplant to find cures for inflammatory bowel disease in children.
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New Hope for Neuroblastoma

New Hope for Neuroblastoma

We've added smart radiation to our arsenal of tools to fight a deadly childhood cancer.
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Dr. Carrie Heike

Identifying Best Practices for CFM

Dr. Carrie Heike continues her quest to provide better guidance to familes by identifying better treatments for craniofacial microsomia.
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Dr. Nathalia Jimenez

Why Pain Meds Make Some Kids Sick

A genetic variation in a regulatory protein may predispose children to side effects from opioids – a finding that may change how pain meds are prescribed.
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Dr. Jonathan Perkins

New Treatment for Hemangiomas

Dr. Jonathan Perkins’ use of a blood pressure medicine to treat hemangiomas has reduced the need for surgery by 75%. Now he’s studying why the drug works.
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Dr. Raymond Tse

New Hope for Damaged Nerves

The Brachial Plexus Palsy Clinic helps kids regain function from a condition once thought to be untreatable. Dr. Raymond Tse is one of a new generation of reconstructive surgeons who repairs these damaged nerves.
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Dr. Bonnie Ramsey

Benefits of CF Drug Confirmed

Results from international clinical trials led by Dr. Bonnie Ramsey signal a breakthrough in treatment for cystic fibrosis.
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Dr. Margarett Shnorhavorian

It's a Boy! Or Is It a Girl?

The Disorders of Sex Development program offers patients the most innovative treatments and guides families as they face some of the most difficult decisions imaginable.
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Dr. Eric Chow

Improving Quality of Life After Cancer

Drs. Scott Baker and Eric Chow are on a mission to help survivors of childhood cancer live their healthiest possible lives.
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Dr. Colleen Delaney

Progress in Cord Blood Transplants

Dr. Colleen Delaney's pioneering approach to accelerating white blood cell recovery moves to Phase II trials.
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Dr. Tom Lendvay

Building a Mobile Surgery Robot

Seattle Children’s surgeon Dr. Tom Lendvay is helping UW engineers develop a portable surgical system that can be operated remotely.
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Dr. Janet Englund

Rapid Response to H1N1

Dr. Janet Englund played a dual role in the effort to prevent H1N1.
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Dr. Jack McClellan

Are New Meds Safer?

Dr. Jack McClellan examines commonly prescribed antipsychotic medications.
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Dr. Carol Wallace

Hope for Juvenile Arthritis

Can early, aggressive treatment turn off juvenile arthritis?
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