Center for Clinical and Translational Research

The Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) plays an integral role in transforming scientific discoveries into real-world therapies that prevent and treat childhood illness and improve the quality of children’s daily lives. Learn more about the CCTR.

Programs and Resources for Researchers

CCTR’s programs, facilities and services help ensure researchers within the center – and throughout Children’s – have the means and the opportunity to conduct safe, efficient, and ethical research involving children.

Featured Research

Clinical Research Bridges New Ideas to Advances in Care

Hawkins_IMG_5487_70x70 On the journey to better treatments, clinical research studies are the bridge between new ideas and proven advances in care.

Carol Wallace, MD, Retiring After 36 Years at Seattle Children's

Wallace_Carol_70x70Dr. Carol Wallace's leadership has helped establish an evidence base that enabled the development of standards of care for pediatric rheumatic diseases.

  • Standardizing Appendicitis Care

    Our surgeons helped create new guidelines to improve diagnosis and treatment for hundreds of children across Washington every year.



The CCTR creates an environment where families, researchers and doctors work together to find new treatments and advance medical knowledge. Learn about our research programs.

Help us answer questions about childhood health and illness, and help other children in the future. Learn more.

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