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The Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) plays an integral role in transforming scientific discoveries into real-world therapies that prevent and treat childhood illness and improve the quality of children’s daily lives. Learn more about the CCTR.

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CCTR’s programs, facilities and services help ensure researchers within the center – and throughout Children’s – have the means and the opportunity to conduct safe, efficient, and ethical research involving children.

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Help us answer questions about childhood health and illness, and help other children in the future. See a list of our current research studies.

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  • Donated breast milk helps NICU babies fight infection
    12.13.16 –

    A breast milk bank at Bellevue's Overlake Hospital is helping premature infants get healthy. “Milk sharing, when a mother is sharing her milk with another mother's baby, has been going on since there have been humans and it's a way certainly before we had other options to keep babies alive,” said Seattle Children's Hospital neonatologist, Dr. Isabella Knox. Knox explained that the benefits of human breast milk exceed what formula can offer.
  • This baby whose genetic skin disorder almost killed her recently turned one
    10/31/16 – Good Housekeeping
    A first birthday is a major milestone for any family, but Harper Foy's parents view their youngest daughter's first birthday as nothing short of amazing. When she was born, Harper was diagnosed with harlequin ichthyosis, an extremely rare noncontagious genetic disease that causes Harper to grow new skin every two hours. Doctors performed two emergency surgeries to remove the extra callus at birth, saving her life and limbs just in time. Dr. Raymond Tse, a plastic surgeon at Seattle Children's, said, “I had never seen a case like this in person, and I'll probably never see one again.”
  • Dr. Andre Dick named surgical director of Renal Transplantation at Seattle Children’s Hospital
    9.12.2016 – UW Medicine

    Dr. Andre Dick, Associate Professor, Division of Transplant Surgery at UW Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital, has been named surgical director of Renal Transplantation at Seattle Children’s Hospital. In that role, he will partner with Dr. Jodi Smith of Nephrology, who is the Medical Director for Renal Transplantation.
  • Later start times begin for many Seattle students
    09.07.2016 –
    A new school year always brings changes for students, but when classes get underway for Seattle Public Schools kids, many of them will have new start times. Dr. Maida Chen, director of Seattle Children’s Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center, is quoted in the article.
  • Seattle Children's: Make toilet time fun
    07.20.2016 –
    Constipation affects an estimated 12 to 19 percent of Americans, with infants and the elderly being the most likely to be seen in the emergency room. Dr. Lusine Ambartsumyan, director of Seattle Children's Gastrointestinal Motility program, discusses how parents can encourage healthy life development of their children by talking to them about their bowel movements.