The Ben Towne Center understands that discovering cures in a lab isn’t good enough. We must turn these discoveries into real-world therapies that save children. Read about what sets us apart:

Creating a World Without Childhood Cancer

Creating a World without Childhood Cancer 70

We don’t just have a vision of curing cancer – we have a plan. Our researchers are spearheading a treatment, called immunotherapy, that uses the body’s immune system to eliminate cancer, without chemotherapy, radiation or their devastating effects.

Building a Research “Dream Team”

Building a Research Dream Team 70

Our experts have a proven track record of guiding discoveries from the research bench to the bedside.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Developing Therapies

A Groundbreaking Approach to Developing Therapies 70

We use an innovative approach to carry therapies from the laboratory to patients – one that makes them safer and more effective along the way.

Help Us Cure Childhood Cancer

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Only private donors can help us make harmful treatments like chemotherapy a thing of the past.