The Ben Towne Center's labs are at the forefront of developing therapies that use the immune system to destroy cancer, without the devastating side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Crane Lab

Dream TeamThe Crane lab unravels exactly how cancer cells disarm immune cells, with the goal of finding ways to reprogram those immune cells so they can elude cancer's defenses and destroy brain tumors, neuroblastoma and other cancers.

Jensen Lab

JensenThe Jensen lab investigates ways to reprogram immune cells by inserting new genetic instructions that tell them to find cancer cells and destroy them. The lab carries its innovations into clinical trials, and uses the information learned there to make immunotherapies safer and more powerful.

Kean Lab

KeanThe Kean lab is working to solve the mystery of immune recognition and immune tolerance. It is pursuing new techniques that overcome transplant rejection and prevent graft-versus-host disease.