UW Poster Picture Dr. Tonya Palermo has trained numerous students and fellows from different disciplines (e.g., psychology, anesthesiology, medicine). She also accepts undergraduate volunteers. She directs a psychology postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric pain research at Seattle Children's Hospital and directs the T32 Postdoctoral Anesthesiology Research Training Program.

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Pain Research

The primary objective of the fellowship is to prepare the individual for an academically oriented career in pediatric pain research. Over a two-year fellowship period, the postdoctoral fellow receives experience and training in conducting research in pediatric chronic pain assessment and management and intervention research. Specific training in grant writing, manuscript preparation, data analysis, and mentoring and supervising students is provided. The postdoctoral fellow contributes to NICHD-funded studies in pediatric chronic pain management in the areas of sleep-wake disturbances and pain, Internet-based psychological interventions, and family and parent interventions. There is opportunity to develop and complete independent projects. Supervised clinical activities with the Pain Clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital are also available in working toward psychology licensure. The postdoctoral fellow has access to a range of career development opportunities through the University of Washington School of Medicine and Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Contact Dr. Palermo for more information on current training or volunteer opportunities.