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Selected Publications


Scroll down for list of selected publications by Dr. Jason Mendoza and his colleagues. You can view a complete list of Mendoza’s publications on PubMed.

  1. Mendoza JA, Drewnowski A, Cheadle A, Christakis DA. Dietary energy density is associated with selected predictors of obesity in US children. J Nutrition. May 2006;136(5):1318-22. PMID: 16614423.
  2. Mendoza JA and Hampson NB. Epidemiology of Severe Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Children. Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. Nov-Dec 2006;33(6):439-46. PMID: 17274313.
  3. Mendoza JA, Drewnowski A, Christakis DA. Dietary energy density is associated with obesity and the metabolic syndrome in U.S. adults. Diabetes Care. Apr 2007;30(4):974-979. PMID: 17229942.
  4. Mendoza JA, Zimmerman F, Christakis DA. Television Viewing, Computer Use, Obesity and Adiposity in US Preschool Children. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. Sep 2007;4(1):44. PMID: 17894878.
  5. Park J, Mendoza JA, O’Neil CE, Hilmers DC, Liu Y, Nicklas TA. A Comparison of the Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in the United States (US) and Korea in Young Adults Aged 20-39 years. Asia Pacific J Clin Nutr. 2008;17(3):471-482. PMID: 18818169.
  6. Nicklas TA, O'Neil CE, Mendoza J, Liu Y, Zakeri IF, Berenson GS. Are energy dense diets also nutrient dense? J Am Coll Nutr. Oct 2008;27(5):553-560. PMID: 18845705. 
  7. O'Donnell SI, Hoerr SL, Mendoza JA, Tsuei Goh E. Nutrient quality of fast food kids meals. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;88(5):1388-1395. PMID: 18996876. 
  8. Mendoza JA, Levinger DD, Johnston BD. Pilot evaluation of a walking school bus program in a low-income, urban community. BMC Public Health. May 4 2009;9(1):122. PMID: 19413910.
  9. Park J, Hilmers DC, Mendoza JA, Stuff JE, Liu Y, Nicklas TA. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in Adolescents Aged 12 to 19 Years: Comparison between the United States and Korea. J Korean Med Sci. 2010;25(1):75-82. PMID: 20052351.
  10. Mendoza JA, Watson K, Cullen KW. Change in Dietary Energy Density after Implementation of the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2010;110(3):434-440. PMID: 20184994.
  11. Mendoza J, Watson K, Baranowski T, Nicklas T, Uscanga D, Hanfling M. Validity of instruments to assess students' travel and pedestrian safety. BMC Public Health. 2010;10(1):257. PMID: 20482778.
  12. Mendoza JA, Watson K, Baranowski T, Nicklas TA, Uscanga DK, Nguyen N, et al. Ethnic Minority Children’s Active Commuting to School and Association with Physical Activity and Pedestrian Safety Behaviors. Journal of Applied Research in Children. 2010;1(1):Article 4.
  13. Mendoza JA, Watson K, Nguyen N, Cerin E, Baranowski T, Nicklas T. Active Commuting to School and Association with Physical Activity and Weight Status among US Youth. J. Phys Act Health. 2011; 8(4): 488-495.
  14. Mendoza JA, Watson K, Baranowski T, Nicklas TA, Uscanga DK, Hanfling MJ. The Walking School Bus and Children's Physical Activity: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics. 2011 Sept.;128(3):e537-e544.
  15. O’Neil CE, Deshmukh-Taskar P, Mendoza JA, Nicklas TA, Liu Y, Relyea G, Berenson GS. Dietary, Lifestyle, and Health Correlates of Overweight and Obesity in Adults 19 to 39 years of age: The Bogalusa Heart Study. Am J Lifestyle Med. 2011; 6(4): 347-58.
  16. Mendoza JA, Watson K, Chen T-A, et al. Impact of a Pilot Walking School Bus Intervention on Children's Pedestrian Safety Behaviors: A Pilot Study. Health and Place. 2012 Jan;18(1):24-30. doi: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2011.07.004.

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