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The Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development (CCHBD) has made major contributions to pediatric medicine in a variety of fields. CCHBD’s labs and research groups are working toward the next generation of discovery, prevention and cures for issues that affect the mental and physical health of children globally.

Christakis Lab


The Christakis lab studies how the early environment impacts childhood behavior and development, and develops strategies that help parents optimize their children’s social, cognitive, and emotional development.


McCarty Lab


The McCarty lab uses knowledge of youth development to design, implement and test programs that will improve the lives and mental health of adolescents.

Mendoza Lab

Mendoza lab 70x70

The Mendoza lab focuses on preventing childhood obesity and its long-term health effects, especially among minorities and low-income groups.

Myers Lab

Myers lab 70x70

The Myers lab is focused on providing evidence-based mental healthcare services through telemental health to rectify current disparities in access to mental healthcare.

Palermo Lab


The Palermo lab’s research focus is on pediatric chronic and recurrent pain--in particular, the psychosocial and family factors that affect pain perception, daily functioning and quality of life in children and adolescents.

Saelens Lab


The Saelens lab conducts research in environmental influences on physical activity and eating behaviors and on the psychosocial factors that influence individual choice for weight-related behaviors.

Looking for a Researcher?

Looking for a researcher?