CCHBD Mentored Scholars Award

Dr. Emily Law CCHBD Funding photo

Dr. Emily Law received a CCHBD Mentored Scholar Award in 2014 for her project focused on internet based treatment for youth with chronic headache.

The CCHBD recognizes the need for junior faculty to develop skills in clinical research methodology and to complete pilot research projects before they apply for independent funding. Our Mentored Scholars Program fills this gap, giving junior faculty the means to prepare for careers in clinical or outcomes research. It combines a mentored pediatric clinical research experience with salary support, protected time and additional resources needed. It is anticipated that successful applicants will submit a competitive K award within the first year. Applications are due annually on June 1.

Joining Law as CCHBD Mentored Scholars Program awardees are Drs. Freda Liu, Molly Adrian, Amy Lewandowski and Pooja Tandon.

CCHBD Hearst Endowment Fellowship Awards

Dr. Arti Desai CCHBD Funding

Dr. Arti Desai received a CCHBD Hearst Endowment Fellowship Award in FY13 for her work on the quality of care transitions.

The CCHBD Hearst Endowment Fellowship Awards promote innovative research on how to improve health and behavioral outcomes in vulnerable populations. This annual program is open only to CCHBD members. Applications are due annually on March 15.

Hearst Fellowship awardees

  • Dr. Vicki Wilkins (FY09)
  • Dr. Pooja Tandon (FY10)
  • Dr, Emily Law (FY11/12)
  • Dr. Bonnie Essner (FY13)
  • Dr. Maggie Bromberg (FY14)
  • Dr. Beth Dawson-Hahn (FY14).

CCHBD Pilot Funding

Dr. Michelle Garrison CHBD Funding

Dr. Michelle Garrison received a CCHBD pilot award in 2012 that subsequently led to her first NIH-funded R01 award for her project focused on sleep patterns in young children.

The CCHBD Pilot Funding Program helps CCHBD researchers gather crucial pilot data for an R01 submission or resubmission. Twice a year, the program awards up to $20,000 to two projects for a one-year period. This program is open only to CCHBD members. Applications are due September 15 and March 15.

Current awardees are Drs. Kristie Bjornson and Aaron Lyon.

Former awardees include Drs. Karen Toth, Sara Webb, Brian Saelens and Kathleen Myers.

CCHBD Small Grant Program

Dr. Neels Groenewald CCHBD Funding

Dr. Neels Groenewald, FY15 Small Grant awardee

The CCHBD Small Grant Program provides core support to CCHBD investigators' research programs for up to $10,000 for one year per cycle to support one or more applications. This program does not require that an applicant have a specific grant proposal in mind. Instead, these funds can be used for equipment, software, biostatistical, part-time support, etc.

Applications are due August 15 and December 15 to Jenn Moore. Only CCHBD members may apply.

Small grants have been awarded to Drs. Gretchen Gudmundsen, Amy Lewandowski, Kathleen Myers, K. Casey Lion, Emily Law, Karen Toth and Michelle Garrison.

Strategic Funding

For the last three years, Seattle Children's Research Institute has allocated strategic dollars to be distributed within each center to encourage collaboration and innovation. Each year, CCHBD has established specific goals for these projects, such as improving collaboration between CCHBD researchers and the hospital as part of the overarching strategy of enabling every patient at children’s to benefit directly and indirectly from research; promoting inter-center collaboration; and initiating new intra-center collaboration with emphasis on transdisciplinary research.

Applications have a rolling deadline, though all funds must be spent by September 30. A request for applications will be announced in August or September. See what kind of projects the first round funded (PDF).

Bridge Funding Program

The Bridge Funding Program stabilizes CCHBD research programs and maintains productivity by supporting key research staff when extramural funding is temporarily disrupted. For more information, please contact Jenn Moore.