Meet Seattle Children’s Research Institute scientists who are working to better understand, treat and cure the diseases, conditions and health issues that affect children around the world.

Watch these videos with KOMO 4’s Molly Shen to learn about these remarkable people and their groundbreaking research. Get involved and learn how you can support their work and other research at Seattle Children's.

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What if we could help children and families build resilience during and after a serious illness?


What if every childhood disease had a cure?


What if we could prevent childhood obesity?


What if we could cure childhood cancers for a lifetime?


What if well-child visits could better address all the needs of low-income families?


What if we could better understand why a common virus causes cancer in some adolescents and young adults but not in others?


What if we could stop the immune system from attacking transplanted organs and stem cells?


What if we could develop a vaccine for pregnant women to protect newborns from a harmful infection?


What if we could bring the energy back to children with mitochondrial disease?


What if we could inspire children to become scientists who develop tomorrow’s cures?


Could our research help solve children’s sleep problems?


Could we block the genes that cause seizures?


Can new gene editing technologies cure diseases like type I diabetes and sickle cell disease?


Could our research prevent some infectious diseases and viruses like respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)?


How can we reprogram the body’s immune system to fight cancer?


Could our research lead to better understanding of epilepsy and better prevention of epileptic seizures?


How are zebrafish helping uncover better treatments for muscular dystrophy and congenital heart defects?


What does a walking school bus have to do with helping kids get healthy?


Could our research help find a cure for hepatitis C in as little as five years?


How is our research leading to cures for some disorders of the immune system?


Could our research improve how HIV is treated, and ultimately help find a cure?