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Center for Genetics and Development

The Center for Genetics and Development is focused on understanding how evolutionary processes and demographic history have shaped patterns of genetic variation among humans, and how such variation influences differences in physical features and disease susceptibility among humans.

Advancing Human Genetics

The CGD is creating a future where doctors can identify, plan for and even correct genetic defects before a child is born. Dr. Michael Bamshad and his colleagues have helped develop a technique that makes it faster and easier to identify disorder-causing genes, and are working toward therapies that disarm these genetic disorders.

Contact Us

Study Coordinators


Maggie McMillin (Children's email, UW email)


Heidi Thielmann


Tanya Harrell

Principal Investigator


Michael Bamshad, MD
Phone: 206-221-4131
Pager: 206-469-2280
Fax: 206-221-3795


University of Washington School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

Division of Genetic Medicine

1959 NE Pacific St., HSB RR349 B

Seattle, WA 98195-6320

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