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  • Healthlink: ADHD Impact

    Dr. Chris Varley, director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry program at Seattle Children’s, comments on the struggles ... cont.

  • Healthlink: High Blood Pressure

    Dr. Joseph Flynn, director of the Pediatric Hypertension Program at Seattle Children's, discusses hypertension in ... cont.

  • The Giving Spirit: A Childrens HealthLink Special  (00:45:03)

    In this KING 5 HealthLink special, we visit with the many volunteers who help make Seattle Children’s such a special ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Holiday Hazards

    Seattle Children's pediatrician Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson offers tips for parents for keeping little ones safe during the ... cont.

  • Treatment for High-Risk Neuroblastoma  (6:09)


    Watch this six-minute video about Sam, a 3-year-old, whose limb turned out to be a bone tumor called high-risk ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Preschoolers' Screen Time

    Dr. Pooja Tandon of Seattle Children’s Research Institute discusses her new study, which links preschoolers’ total daily ... cont.

  • Cancer Treatments and a Woman's Fertility  (00:13:15)

    Learn about the fertility-preservation options available to girls and young women undergoing chemotherapy through the ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Flu Protection

    Seattle Children’s Dr. Danielle Zerr discusses a new study suggesting there's a way moms can lower influenza's toll on ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Iron Deficiency

    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician and author of Seattle Children's Seattle Mama Doc blog, helps sort out the new ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Teen Weight-Loss Surgery

    Dr. Robert Sawin, surgeon-in-chief at Seattle Children's, discusses weight-loss surgery in teens.

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