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  • Keeping Kids Safe Through Bike Helmet Fittings  (00:01:22)

    Helping parents keep their children safe is part of our mission. Bike helmet fittings and giveaways are one way in which we ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Prescription Drug Abuse  (00:02:57)

    Dr. Leslie ... cont.

  • Stories from the Heart: A Mother’s Day Tribute 2011  (00:00:30)

    This TV special tribute to mothers aired on KOMO 4 on April 30, 2011. Watch it and consider cont.

  • Your Gastroschisis Journey  (00:27:08)

    This is an educational film designed to help families prepare for the birth of their baby with cont.

  • I Am Seattle Children's: Working in the Gray  (00:02:48)

    Meet a Seattle Children's employee and jazz musician who prefers working in what he calls the "gray zone". Find out what ... cont.

  • I Am Seattle Children's: The Singin' Chaplain  (00:02:48)

    Meet a father and Seattle Children's volunteer who has turned his tragic loss of a child into a mission of healing through ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Concussions in Children  (00:02:56)

    Dr. Richard ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Eating Disorders in Teens  (00:03:04)

    Pediatrician Dr. Cora ... cont.

  • I Am Seattle Children's: There's Something About Ice Cream  (00:02:20)

    Who can say no to a heaping scoop of yummy ice cream? It makes any day a little brighter. About every four months, Seattle ... cont.

  • Port-a-Cath  (00:09:08)

    This video shows you what to expect when you come to clinic for port access. It shows the steps you can take to get ready, ... cont.

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