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  • Facts About Childhood Immunizations  (4:25)

     Dr. Doug Diekema helps sort out information on childhood immunizations.

  • What Parents Should Know About Body Piercing  (3:48)

     Body piercing is an ancient practice, but it can also be a dangerous one, especially for kids. Dr. Cora Breuner has some ... cont.

  • NICU Designed to Mimic Calm of Womb  (2:20)

     It’s with heavy hearts that new fathers and mothers walk through the doors of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at ... cont.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: Kathrina Goes Home (Part 5)  (8:00)

     A week after her 12-hour surgery, looking a little worse for wear, Kathrina is ready to go home.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: The Face of an Infant (Part 2)  (7:25)

     Even at 4 years old, Kathrina Goodwin has the face of a baby. That’s typical of children with craniofacial defects.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: Preparing for Surgery (Part 3)  (3:51)

     Kathrina Goodwin, 4 years old, is about to undergo a highly complex, extremely dangerous medical procedure that will help ... cont.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: A Long Day of Surgery (Part 4)  (8:49)

     Today is the day of Kathrina’s rare surgery. Just after 6 a.m., she waits sleepily with her family for her name to be ... cont.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: A Children's Healthlink Special (Part 1)  (4:35)

    On Sept. 18, 2000, Kathrina Goodwin’s birth was met with stunned silence. “It was very obvious that something was wrong,” ... cont.

  • A Crown for Kathrina: A Bubbly Little Girl with a Bright Future (Part 6)

    A lot has changed in the Goodwin household since the day Kathrina had her surgery and in the months after her crown came ... cont.

  • Safety on the Slopes  (5:23)

     If your family is heading to the slopes this winter, there’s a simple way to cut down on snow sport injuries. Dr. Tony ... cont.

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