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  • Chronic Liver Failure Leads to Transplant  (1:08)

      Watch the story about Kristin, a pharmacy student at the University of Washington, who had a liver transplant.

  • Seattle Toddler Receives Mechanical Heart  (2:30)

     A toddler received this region’s first ever mechanical heart implanted in a child under 5.

  • Ear Tube Is Not a Fix-All Solution  (3:15)

    Ear infections are the second most common childhood illness. Are ear tubes the answer to normal speech development? Dr. ... cont.

  • Little Katrina Stands Tall  (5:04)

     At age 5 and just 2-feet-11-inches tall, Katrina Wagner is a dwarf. She has a type of dwarfism known as kniest dysplasia. ... cont.

  • Ear Tubes Can Help Prevent Infections  (2:47)

     Should parents have their child fitted with ear tubes? Dr. Scott Manning talks about a long-term study that challenges the ... cont.

  • How to Prevent Scalding Burns  (2:57)

     If you love a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, you’ll want to pay close attention.

  • Hidden Heart Problems  (3:41)

    Children with heart diseases should not play competitive sports. Yet young athletes with inherited heart conditions often go ... cont.

  • For the First Time

    Witness what happens when Seattle Children’s doctors give kids — and their families — a chance to experience life’s simple ... cont.

  • Symptoms and Treatment of Ear Infections  (4:21)

     Many children are susceptible to ear infections. Dr. Bruder Stapleton has some advice for parents.

  • Sports Injury Leads to Cancer Diagnosis  (7:21)


    Watch this seven-minute video about Caitlin, a 16-year-old, who was diagnosed with bone cancer after fracturing ... cont.

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