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  • When Parents and Doctors Disagree About Care  (4:28)

     Dr. Doug Diekema discusses issues to be tackled during the 2007 Bioethics Conference.

  • Discharging a Child When Their Local Medical Care Is Not Adequate: Should There Be a Double Standard for the Developing World?

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Christine Grady, RN, PhD, Department of ... cont.

  • Hot Car Dangers  (4:38)

    Learn about the dangers of leaving your child in a hot car. Hyperthermia occurs when a child’s body temperature is too ... cont.

  • Juvenile Arthritis Video, Dr. Carol Wallace

    Dr. Carol Wallace discusses juvenile arthritis and the different treatment options that can lessen the pain for children.

  • Putting an End to Bedwetting  (4:49)

    Dr. Ben Danielson gives tips for dealing with bedwetting and warning signs for more serious problems.

  • Good Growing: Picky Eaters  (5:06)

    Dr. Ben Danielson provides caregivers with helpful tips for encouraging picky eaters to eat.

  • KOMO Special: A Century of Caring and Hope  (46:04)

    Seattle Children's has been a vital part of the community since 1907. Today, Children's attracts the best and brightest ... cont.

  • Craniofacial Malformations: A Common Birth Defect  (3:27)

     Craniofacial malformations, such as cleft lip and palate, are the most common birth defects in children. Dr. Rich Molteni ... cont.

  • Chronic Liver Failure Leads to Transplant  (1:08)

      Watch the story about Kristin, a pharmacy student at the University of Washington, who had a liver transplant.

  • Seattle Toddler Receives Mechanical Heart  (2:30)

     A toddler received this region’s first ever mechanical heart implanted in a child under 5.

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  • Cold Water Shock Can Quickly Cause Drowning
  • E-Cigs Are Addictive and Harmful
  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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