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  • Good Growing: Eating Disorders in Teenage Boys  (4:15)

    Dr. Rose Calderon discusses body image issues and eating disorders in teenage boys.

  • Healthlink: Winter Sports

     Dr. Cora Breuner provides tips on preventing winter sports injuries.

  • Healthlink: Early Asthma  (2:21)

    Dr. Daniel Wierner discusses the signs of early asthma in children.

  • Good Growing: Sickle Cell Disease  (5:20)

     Dr. M. Bender discusses the symptoms and treatment options for sickle cell disease.

  • Healthlink: Cochlear Implants  (3:16)

     Dr. Kathy Sie explains the benefits of cochlear implants for children with hearing loss.

  • Seattle Children's Healthlink Special: Heart Center  (44:09)

     In a one-hour special, KING 5 follows the medical team and patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Heart Center.

  • Good Growing: Ask the Doctor with Dr. Ben Danielson  (5:27)

    Dr. Ben Danielson answers parents’ questions about general pediatric care.

  • Healthlink: Hearing Test May Warn Parents of SIDS  (2:55)

     Dr. Daniel Rubens explains how newborn hearing screens may be an indicator of SIDS.

  • Congenital Heart Defects  (4:43)

    Dr. Mark Lewin discusses how congenital heart defects are one of the most common forms of birth defects.

  • Healthlink: Talking About Sex  (5:11)

    Dr. Leslie Walker discusses talking about sex with children and provides some helpful tips for parents looking to talk about ... cont.

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