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  • Ask KOMO: Oral Health  (2:08)

    Get tips from Dr. Joel Berg on how to prevent cavities and keep your child's teeth and gums healthy.

  • Ask KOMO: Preventing Sports Injuries  (1:42)

    Learn ways to prevent sports injuries in children from Dr. Cora Breuner.

  • Ask KOMO: Children's Car Seat Safety  (2:38)

    Dr. Beth Ebel talks about how to keep your child safe in the car and explains who needs to ride in a booster seat.

  • Healthlink: Sleep Apnea  (3:20)

     Dr. Maida Chen discusses the effects of sleep apnea on children.

  • Learning to Learn  (15:05)

     Dr. Dimitri Christakis discusses the effect of TV viewing on children on KING TV’s special Learning to Learn.

  • Ask KOMO: Bike Helmet Safety  (02:01)

    Dr. Tony Woodward talks about the importance of bike helmets and offers three easy tips to ensure your child's helmet fits ... cont.

  • Ask KOMO: Asthma Management

    Dr. Tony Woodward talks about how to avoid asthma triggers and manage your child's asthma.

  • Update: Tyler's 10 Little Fingers  (9:45)

    Evening Magazine follows a baby’s operation as Dr. Doug Hanel separates his fused fingers. This story is an update ... cont.

  • Good Growing: Going to the Hospital  (3:59)

     Dr. Bruder Stapleton provides tips on how parents can advocate for their children when going to the hospital.

  • Good Growing: Puberty and Menstrual Health  (3:26)

    Dr. Leslie Walker discusses menstrual health issues. 

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  • E-Cigs Are Addictive and Harmful
  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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