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  • Ethical Issues in Organ Donation After Cardiac Death  (1:01:19)

    Robert D. Truog, MD, Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School

  • Hearing Aid Technology  (02:00:36)

    Brenda Liebman Aron and Len Aron take you on a journey through Deaf culture from both hearing and deaf perspectives.

  • Should Children Be Told They Have a Serious Illness?  (1:01:47)

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Alan Fleischman, MD, Senior Vice President and ... cont.

  • Ask KOMO: Window Safety

    Dr. Tony Woodward discusses the steps you can take in your home to prevent window falls.

  • Physician Obligation to Inform Families About Alternatives They Consider Unethical: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Palliative Care  (1:03:08)

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate ... cont.

  • Proper Hand Hygiene  (3:12)

    See how to teach your child proper hand hygiene behaviors. 

  • Life Outside the Classroom: Strategies for Community Participation  (01:38:54)

    This session provides an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), assistive listening devices and captioning, ... cont.

  • Ask KOMO: Positive Parenting  (3:06)

    Dr. Ken Feldman gives tips for how to manage the stress that all parents feel.

  • Healthlink: Concern Growing About Risk of Popular Asthma Drugs  (3:00)

    Dr. Greg Redding discusses the risks associated with two asthma drugs widely used for children.

  • Healthlink: Crohn's Disease Creates Big Challenges for Children  (3:36)

    Dr. Ghassan Wahbeh discusses the prevalence of Crohn’s Disease in children.

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  • Cold Water Shock Can Quickly Cause Drowning
  • E-Cigs Are Addictive and Harmful
  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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