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  • IEP Meetings: Empower Yourself!  (01:58:02)

    Carol Carrothers, state coordinator of DHH Services of WSDS, discusses the purpose and process of an IEP, what to expect of ... cont.

  • Spotlight on Continuous Performance Improvement: Ventilators


  • Spotlight on Continuous Performance Improvement: Rounding


  • Spotlight on Continuous Performance Improvement: Emergency Department


  • When Parents Make Life-and-Death Decisions in the NICU Based on Cultural Views About Disability

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Sadath Sayeed, JD, MD, Instructor, Global ... cont.

  • Treating Minor Childhood Injuries  (00:02:27)

    Seattle Children's Emergency Department doctor Suzan Mazor, MD, shows parents how to take care of a minor burn, bee sting or ... cont.

  • Poison Prevention Home Tour: How to Keep Your Home Safe  (00:02:48)

    As any parent will tell you, children are a curious bunch, and that curiosity can sometimes spell danger. In this brief, ... cont.

  • Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) and Developmental Delay  (2:00)

    Matt Speltz, PhD, discusses study findings about how positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) in young babies may be ... cont.

  • Earthquakes, Disasters, Tsunamis: Teaching Children to Cope with Grief

    Dr. Bob Hilt, director of psychiatric emergency services at Seattle Children's Hospital, discusses ways parents can help ... cont.

  • Determining Adolescent Competency and Decision-Making Capacity: An 18-Year-Old with an Eating Disorder

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Paul Appelbaum, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, ... cont.

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  • Cold Water Shock Can Quickly Cause Drowning
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  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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