Robert Blake Windsor, MD

Robert Blake Windsor, MD

Anesthesia, Pain Medicine

On staff since October 2016

Academic Title: Acting Assistant Professor

    • Christy KELSO 09.22.17

      We knew that our trip to Seattle Children's Hospital regarding my daughter's chronic pain due to her movement disorder would not yield a magic wand, but we did find a light at the end of the tunnel. Holding that light was Dr. Windsor. We may not have the perfect solution or all of the answers yet, but we do have direction and hope. I feel confident in our care team and what my family is doing to proactively help my daughter. Thank you.

  • Presentations Title Event Location Date
    GI Grand Rounds: Painful Genetics and Channelopathies Boston Children's Hospital Boston, MA 2016
    Painful Genetics and Channelopathies GI Grand Rounds Boston Children's Hospital 2016


Board Certification(s)


Medical/Professional School

Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon


Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston


Pediatric Pain Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston
Acupuncture, Academy of Pain Research, San Francisco

Clinical Interests

Chronic pain disorders in children and adolescents, including integrative, medical, rehabilitative, and procedural approaches to treatment