Jason Scott Hauptman, MD, PhD

Jason Scott Hauptman, MD, PhD

Neurosciences, Neurosurgery, Hematology-Oncology, Epilepsy

On staff since September 2017

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

"Being able to help parents and children in a time of need is our greatest reward and our greatest responsibility. I try my best to treat each family as if they were my own family, and take care of every child as if they were my own."

  • As a pediatric neurosurgeon, my job is to take care of children with a wide variety of neurological conditions. My mission is to deliver the absolute best care to each and every child, and to do it with compassion and diligence. I also am working hard to increase our understanding and approach to neurological illness through a variety of research efforts and by collaborating with incredible colleagues in the laboratory and at all stages of healthcare delivery. I look forward to meeting you!

    I was born in Long Island, New York and grew up in central New Jersey. After high school I attended Muhlenberg College, a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania where I received a BA in Psychology and a BS in Biology. From there I returned to New Jersey for medical school. Then, I moved across the county to Los Angeles were I trained in neurosurgery at UCLA under Dr. Neil Martin. During my residency, I earned a PhD in Neuroscience studying the ways nerve cells communicate and potentially contribute to epilepsy in diseases like cortical dysplasia and tuberous sclerosis. After residency, I went on to complete a fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I went on to become regional pediatric and epilepsy neurosurgeon for Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles for two years before being recruited to join the fantastic team here at Seattle Children's Hospital. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with stellar colleagues at this world-class institution.

    • Silvia Norwalk,CA 01.15.18

      Our 15yr old son suffered a brain bleed in 2016 due to a ruptured AVM, Dr. Hauptman who was at the time with Kaiser Permanete Hollywood, cared for our son Jhaylen, with compassion and friendliness, always making him and us feel comfortable and at ease even through difficult decisions, and was always honest with diagnosis. we highly recommend Dr. Hauptman, it was very sad as worrisome to see him leave, we are so thankful for physicians like him, he truly was a sent angel

    • Rashall Palmdale, Ca 10.19.17

      Dr Hauptman is an AMAZING person, in addition to being an awesome surgeon. He cared for our son who suffered from a Bilateral Grade IV brain bleed. Our son lost over 80% of his brain during a traumatic early birth (23 weeks) and was in the hospital most of the first 14 months of his life. Dr Hauptman was always careful and only performed surgeries that he felt necessary to help him. While realistic and honest with us about his medical opinions, his humanity didn’t crush our faith and hope that things would miraculously happen for our son. Jaxon has done better than anyone could’ve hoped for. During his extended stay Dr Hauptman was a frequent visitor to his room, even just to pinch his cheeks and say hello, during his rounds, even if he wasn’t on his schedule. He truly took care of our whole family and not just our son. We love Dr. Hauptman’s approach and passion for what he does. His father’s heart, helps to him keep his oath of doing no harm and only what is necessary for the good of the patient. Thank you Dr Hauptman for all you did for our family. Los Angeles definitely lost an amazing human being. Washington take care of him or we will ask for him back!

    • Miller-Wakeham WA 11.17.17

      Dr H- This time last year you were in surgery with Eli. It's crazy that it's been a year. Today he went to school, had pizza for lunch, went to PT, teased his sisters a bit, watched TV, ran around, and just got to be a kid. He's living, breathing, and healthy and we're just so grateful. Thank you. For all you've done for our family. If anyone asks Eli about his scar he says "I worked hard for my scar, it saved me. Dr. Hauptman helped me." You're still a household name here and we miss you. We know you're still doing amazing things! Hope you and your family are well. We're forever thankful for you.

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