William R.A. Osborne, PhD

William R.A. Osborne, PhD


Academic Title: Research Professor, University of Washington

Research Center: Center for Genetics and Development


Awards and Honors

Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
Henry Christian Memorial Award for Excellence in Clinical Research American Federation of Clinical Research 1992


  • Moralejo DH, Fuller JM, Rutledge EA, Van Yserloo B, Ettinger RA, Jensen R, Osborne W, Kwitek A, Lernmark A
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    Life sciences , 2011 Nov. 7 : 89(19-20)748-54
  • Moralejo D, Yanay O, Kernan K, Bailey A, Lernmark A, Osborne W
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    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering , 2011 Apr, : 111(4)383-7
  • Yanay O, Moralejo D, Kernan K, Brzezinski M, Fuller JM, Barton RW, Lernmark A, Osborne WR
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    The journal of gene medicine , 2010 June : 12(6)538-44
  • Moralejo DH, Hansen CT, Treuting P, Hessner MJ, Fuller JM, Van Yserloo B, Jensen R, Osborne W, Kwitek AE, Lernmark A
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    Physiological genomics , 2010 Mar. 3 : 41(1)9-20
  • Tatake RJ, O'Neill MM, Kennedy CA, Reale VD, Runyan JD, Monaco KA, Yu K, Osborne WR, Barton RW, Schneiderman RD
    Glucose-regulated insulin production from genetically engineered human non-beta cells.
    Life sciences , 2007 Oct. 13 : 81(17-18)1346-54
  • Brzezinski M, Yanay O, Waldron L, Barry SC, Osborne WR
    G-CSF-lentivirus administration in rats provided sustained elevated neutrophil counts and subsequent EPO-lentivirus administration increased hematocrits.
    The journal of gene medicine , 2007 July : 9(7)571-8
  • Fitzgerald SM, Goyal RK, Osborne WR, Roy JD, Wilson JW, Ferrell RE
    Identification of functional single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes in the cytidine deaminase promoter.
    Human genetics , 2006 Apr, : 119(3)276-83
  • Yanay O, Brzezinski M, Christensen J, Liggitt D, Dale DC, Osborne WR
    An adult dog with cyclic neutropenia treated by lentivirus- mediated delivery of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor.
    Human gene therapy , 2006 Apr, : 17(4)464-9
  • Barry S, Brzezinski M, Yanay O, Seppen JE, Osborne WR
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  • Yanay O, Barry SC, Katen LJ, Brzezinski M, Flint LY, Christensen J, Liggitt D, Dale DC, Osborne WR
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    Blood , 2003 Sept. 15 : 102(6)2046-52
  • Katen LJ, Aprikyan AG, Dale DC, Osborne WR
    Cloning and sequencing of the canine neutrophil elastase cDNA.
    DNA sequence : the journal of DNA sequencing and mapping , 2002 Aug. : 13(4)221-3
  • Freitas AC, Bento FM, Ramesh N, Osborne WR, Han SW
    Modified blasticidin S resistance gene (bsrm) as a selectable marker for construction of retroviral vectors.
    Journal of biotechnology , 2002 Apr, 25 : 95(1)57-62

Research Funding

Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
Effect of Nutritional Factors on Macrophage Accumulation in Adipose Tissue NIH/NHLBI July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2014