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Stephen L. Done, MD

Stephen L. Done, MD


On staff since February 2002


Board Certification(s)
Diagnostic Radiology
Medical/Professional School
University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City
Pediatric Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Boston


Fetal diagnosis of spondylocostal dysplasia: Limits of conventional fetal ultrasound and MRi in diagnosing anomalies
Radiology Case Reports , Jan. 1, 2011: 6:450-453
The utility of alkaline phosphatase measurement as a screening test for rickets in breast-fed infants and toddlers: a study from the puget sound pediatric research network.
Clinical pediatrics , 2010 Dec: 1103-10
Fractures in infants and toddlers with rickets.
Pediatric radiology , 2010 Jul: 1184-9
Osteopetrorickets: infantile malignant osteopetrosis paradoxically complicated by rickets.
Pediatric radiology , 2010 May: 782
Vitamin D deficiency rickets and allegations of non-accidental injury
Acta Paediatrica , Jan. 1, 2010: 99:486-487
Hypocalciuric hypercalcemia presenting as neonatal rib fractures: a newly described mutation of the calcium-sensing receptor gene.
Pediatric emergency care , 2006 Nov: 722-4
Hypocalciuric hypercalcemia presenting as neonatal rib fractures: A newly described mutation in the calcium-sensing receptor gene.
Pediatric Emergency Care , Jan. 1, 2006: 22:722-724
Endobronchial tuberculosis in children. A case report and review.
International J of Ped Otorhinolaryngology , Jan. 10, 1990: 20: 241-255
Bronchopulmonary sequestration: CT assessment
Radiology , Jan. 1, 1990: 176:375-379
Congenital brain tumors: A review of 45 cases.
Am J Neuroradiol & Am J Radiol , Jan. 1, 1990: 11:793-799 & 155:587-593
Canavan’s disease: CT and MR imaging
Am J Neuroradiol , Jan. 1, 1990: 11:397-399
MRI of polysplenia syndrome
Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Jan. 1, 1989: 7:681-686
Ectopic vas deferens, inperforate anus and hypospadias: A new triad.
J Urology , Jan. 1, 1989: 141586-588
Small carpal bone surface area: A characteristic of Turner’s syndrome.
Pediatr Radiol , Jan. 1, 1985: 15:168-172
Interdural cyst of the lumbosacral region
Neurosurgery , Jan. 1, 1984: 14:287-294
Problems in neonatal medicine II: syndrome of neonatal sepsis.
J National Med Assn , Jan. 1, 1975: 65:207-210

Primary Office

Seattle Children's
MA.7.220 - Radiology
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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