Sidney M. Gospe, MD, PhD

Sidney M. Gospe, MD, PhD


On staff since September 2000

Children's Title: Chief, Division of Neurology; Program Director, Neurology Education; Program Director, Neurology Residency

Academic Title: Herman and Faye Sarkowsky Endowed Chair Professor, Neurology and Pediatrics

Research Center: Center for Integrative Brain Research

  • Dr. Sidney M. Gospe, Jr. is the Head of the Division of Neurology at Children's and holds the Herman and Faye Sarkowsky Endowed Chair in Child Neurology at the University of Washington. He has over 25 years of experience in the evaluation and care of children with neurological and neuromuscular disorders.

    Dr. Gospe is a native of San Francisco and earned his BS and MS degrees from Stanford University. He then attended Duke University as a member of the MD-PhD program and completed his studies in 1981. His residency training in both pediatrics and child neurology was at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston (Texas Children's Hospital). Prior to his recruitment to Seattle Children's and the UW in 2000, Dr. Gospe was a member of the medical school faculties of the Albany Medical College and the University of California, Davis. At Children's, Dr. Gospe provides care to patients in the general neurology clinic and the neuromuscular clinic. He also conducts outreach clinics at several sites in Alaska. Dr. Gospe oversees the clinical, research and educational programs of the Division of Neurology. He has conducted basic neuroscience research in neurotoxicology (particularly regarding the effects of maternal exposure to toxicants on fetal brain development. His clinical research has focused on the natural history and genetic aspects of pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy.

    • Barbra Snohomish, WA 06.25.15

      Dr. Gospe has been my daughters doctor for over 3 years. He is wonderful, we love him. He listens, he explains, he's great.

    • Subramaniam Bangalore, India 06.23.15

      Dr. Sidney Gospe evaluated my son Santhosh, during the period 2005 to 2008 @ Seattle Children's. We have been fortunate to be with Dr. Gospe. His soft, gentle, and honest feedback has motivated us to reach out to the doctor for repeated followups in our quest for a diagnosis. My assignment ended and I had to return abruptly back to India due to my illness. Dr. Gospe has remained in our thoughts for his professionalism, care, and deep insights of my son's illness. Unfortunately, after we returned to India, my other son also diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, same as Santhosh. But we couldn't approach Dr. Gospe from India for treatment and checkups.

    • Lexie Wenatchee WA 06.13.13

      Dr. Gospe is knowledgeable, kind and gentle.

    • Samantha Kingston, Ontario Canada 12.01.10

      I travelled to Seattle from Kingston, Ontario Canada with my two children to see Dr. Sidney Gospe. We chose Dr. Gospe because of his extensive knowledge in seizure disorders and Pyridoxine Dependency. I recommend this doctor to any parent who is dealing with a child who has neurological issues. Dr. Gospe is a very kind and knowledgable man and does everything he can to help. For us, it was well worth the long trip to see this specialist because there is no other neurologist that is comparable to Dr. Sidney Gospe. I felt confident that I was getting the correct answers and when he didn't know the answer to something he was honest about it and didn't pretend to know everything like many of the neurologists that we have seen in the past. We have seen many, many neurologists and Dr. Sidney Gospe is the best one we have ever encountered. You just can't go wrong with this incredible doctor. Samantha Knapp Ontario, Canada mom of 2 pyridoxine dependent children

  • Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2017 Seattle Magazine 2017
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2016 Seattle Magazine 2016
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2015 Seattle Magazine 2015
    SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2015 Seattle Met Magazine 2015
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    Parker Palmer Courage to Teach Award Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education 2014
    Seattle's Top Doc Seattle Met Magazine 2013
    Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2013 Seattle Magazine 2013
    U.S. News Top Doctor U.S. News and World Report 2012
    Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012 Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012 Seattle Magazine 2012
    The Best Doctors in America Listed in The Best Doctors in America 2008 - 2014
    Best Teaching Award UW Department of Neurology 2008
    Best Teaching Award UW Department of Neurology 2006
    Alpha Omega Alpha 1993
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  • Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
    Awareness and Access to Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy Health Resources and Services Administration $750,000.00 Sept. 1, 2009


Board Certification(s)

Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neu

Medical/Professional School

Duke University, Durham
Duke University, Durham


Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Child Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

Clinical Interests

Pediatric neuromuscular disease, neurotoxicology, pyridoxine-dependent seizures

Research Description

I am currently conducting research in two areas:

(1) the effects of maternal exposure to second hand tobacco smoke on the neurologic development of the fetus

(2) the clinical and genetic aspects of pyridoxine-dependent seizures

Research Focus Area

Neuroscience / Neurodevelopment