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Michelle Garrison, PhD, MPH

Michelle Garrison, PhD, MPH

Children's Title: Principal Investigator

Academic Title: Acting Assistant Professor, Health Services Department, University of Washington

Research Center: Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development

"Healthy sleep plays such a critical role in child and adolescent development. We know from previous research that sleep problems can lead to behavior problems, difficulties in school, obesity, and increased injuries. What's really interesting to me as a scientist is how interconnected the relationships between sleep, media use, physical activity, and mood are. If you draw a flow chart, you end up with arrows pointing in almost every possible direction. For example, you might need to change media habits or physical activity to make a big difference in a child's sleep -- but once the sleep improves, you also see positive effects on mood, behavior, and activity. And so what's exciting for me as a researcher is the big impact we can have when we work with families to optimize a child's sleep."


Medical/Professional School
University of Washington , Seattle, Epidemiology
University of Washington , Seattle, Epidemiology
Research Description

Dr. Garrison's research focuses on the interactions between sleep, media use, and physical activity, and how these in turn affect child and adolescent health and behavior. Her recent research has found that evening media use is associated with sleep problems in preschool children, as is violent media content at any time of the day. Upcoming research studies include an intervention to improve sleep in preschool children; studies looking at causality in the relationships between media use, sleep problems, and obesity; and examining how different types of video games affect sleep in early adolescents.


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Additional Offices

Seattle Children's Research Institute
CW8-6 Child Health, Behavior and Development
2001 Eighth Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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