Karyn Jean Brundige, ARNP

Karyn Jean Brundige, ARNP


On staff since August 1998

"I approach each day with the belief that I can make a positive difference in the lives of my patients and their families - and the empathy, passion, tenacity and expertise to make that belief a reality. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to forge respectful, supportive and enduring partnerships with my patients, their families and community providers. I am honored and privileged to walk with families on their journey."


  • Lauri Olympia WA 08.09.14

    Our son was diagnosed with A.L.L. in '96 at age 2. He relapsed at age 6 in '00. Karyn was with us through both of his protocols. Everything written in previous recommendations is so true. I won't pretend I can say it better. (I love you, gal)

  • Kelley Des Moines, WA 11.14.13

    Our pride and joy at 2 years old was diagnosed with Leukemia. In amidst our shock and the massive learning curve we were given the bright light of Karyn. We are now six months in and continue to lean daily on Karyn for her expertise, communication and commitment to not only our son, but our entire family. Karyn has been our guide and friend through each phase of chemo - and quite frankly - life with cancer. She prepares us every visit for what comes next and kindly, patiently answers our questions – sometime answering the same question multiple times for multiple members of the family. Each day seems to bring up a new question as to “are we doing this right?”, “what about this?”, “is this normal?”, “how come …?”. Karyn is always there with a prompt response no matter if we call, e-mail or just stop by. I feel hugely blessed that Karyn is our primary point of contact on this crazy journey. Without her, I know this would have been an overwhelming experience. Yet with her at the helm, things continue to have a calm, assured path forward.

  • Nancy Auburn, WA 12.20.12

    I can't say enough about Karyn! Not only is she is open, honest, knowledgeable, kind and caring, but she has a way of making you feel at ease, confident, capable and it's easy to forget that you are not her only patient/family! She never judges and is very flexible in scheduling; it's obvious that she cares very deeply for our child and always makes sure our needs are met-both inside and outside of clinic-whatever we need-she points the way. She cries with you and rejoices with you...KARYN-YOU are a gift from God and HIGHLY appreciated and cherished! We love you-the King family

  • Valancy Auburn, WA 12.15.11

    I can't say enough about how wonderful Karyn has been to our family over the past year since our four year old son was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia. She made sure we were kept in the loop and went out of her way to get us information as it became available. Her genuine interest in our son and compassion have helped us through a very tough time. We're looking forward to continuing to see her now that we are back at Children's for post-transplant care.

  • Katheryn Seattle WA 05.23.11

    It has been more than 5 years since I stopped hanging on every word Karyn told our family about my son's fight with ALL. I continue to think of her often and will always be grateful for her respectful, honest, kind and humorous ways with James and us as we made our way to his becoming a cancer survivor. Thank you, Children's Hospital, for having great people like Karyn and the many wonderful nurses that make the difference!


Board Certification(s)

NP Pediatric Primary Care Nurse

Medical/Professional School

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Baltimore
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Baltimore

Awards and Honors

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Family Choice Award Family Advisory Council 2006


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CSI (Chemo Side-Effect Investigation): Life-threatening complications of ALL therapy APHON National Conference 2010
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