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Joseph S. Gruss, MD

Joseph S. Gruss, MD

Plastic Surgery, Craniofacial, Vascular Anomalies

On staff since February 1991

Children's Title: Marlys C. Larson Endowed Chair in Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery

Academic Title: Professor, University of Washington Division of Plastic Surgery

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research


VickiAmerican Fork, Utah04.29.14
Three of my four children with cleft lips and palates have had the privilege to have Doctor Gruss as their surgeon. Dr. Gruss is a generous man with his time. He went to the Mayo Clinic for two weeks to teach a group of students who choose him. I met one of these doctors after their studies at the Mayo Clinic and he is a young doctor with great skills. These are the words he told me "Whenever you see Dr. Gruss again, tell him thank you." We have seen good work from a few surgeons after moving away from Seattle area--having been deeply spoiled by Dr. Gruss for many surgeries and many years we kept looking for a close to Gruss' gift. We selected the top in Utah to finish our oldest and we almost have the level of Gruss. Gruss has deeply impacted our family with his skills and kindness. We deeply appreciate his personality and friendship. He is my first choice and I know Gruss has earned this respect and referrals in every way. Dr. Gruss is one who takes his skills to a new high frequently and the whole community is blessed by his advancement in his field, as so many study his work. Our children have had the privileged to have His best--The Best! Thank you very much! Mother of 10 and 5 effected with clefting, ranging from teeth to bi-lateral cleft lip and palate.
ShelleighZillah WA07.14.13
Dr. Gruss is the most amazing Surgeon I have ever seen. He did 2 surgeries on my son Chance in 2001 and 2005. My son was born with a cleft lip. He is the most beautiful person inside and out due to Dr. Gruss and his amazing work. He looks as normal as they come. Thanks Dr. Gruss.
ZobariaSeattle, WA03.15.13
Dr. Gruss is an amazing surgeon. I was born with a treble cleft-lip and palate along with other cranio-facial issues. He did such a good job with me through a series of 10+ surgeries! He is an good person and if he's your doctor than you're in good hands.
Dr. Gruss rebuilt my face over a series of six surgeries. I could not have asked for a better surgeon, and am so thankful that I was lucky enough to have him. If he is your doctor, you are in good hands.
KevinEverett, WA05.08.12
Dr Gruss is the best surgeon in the northwest for Craniosynostosis surgery. He did an awesome job on my daughter back in 1994.
NancyRavenna, OH12.19.11
Dr. Gruss performed a Craniectomy on my daughter Sarah when she was five, after it became evident that her condition due to Saethre-Chotzen syndrome was impairing proper growth developement, despite a previous craniectomy years earlier. I am happy to report that not only is my daughter now age 22, but she has a daughter of her own who is now 13 months old. Without Dr. Gruss and his team, I don't know if we would be able to enjoy this small miracle.
MichelleLake Stevens, WA11.04.11
My son had Dr. Gruss as his surgent for Metopic Cranio, and I am so grateful he was the one to do it! He is an amazing Dr. and we are lucky to have had him work on our son. It is because of Dr. Gruss that our son is living the life he was so meant to have!
MichelleDanville, CA10.12.11
Dr Gruss comes very well praised by many of his collegeues. I had a terrible time after cheek lifts and a neck lipoma removal. Many doctors told me that Dr Gruss was the guy to see to resuspend the tissues/muscles in my face to their proper placement so that I may lead a somewhat more comfortable life. I have a fabulous husband and family.I just want to be active again. To walk exercise and heal. I can deal with pain I think but it is the loss of physical ability that frightens me most. To get old, sick because I can not take care of myself...I am praying that Dr gruss has a plan for me. With Dr Anthony from SF, I keep my prayers and thoughts up and trusting. Dr Gruss is a wonderful, honest, talented doctor. I do believe that I can trust him.
NancyBellevue, Wa12.01.10
My daughter has been a patient of the Craniofacial Center for almost 14 years. Dr. Gruss has done a fabulous job on all of her surgeries. I feel privileged to live in the Seattle area and have access to such a wonderful doctor and craniofacial team.
JanelleRichland WA03.01.11
Dr. Gruss has been one of my doctors here at Children's Hospital for almost 14 years. 13 years ago last month he fixed my skull because the plates had closed before I was born. He is a very nice doctor, who makes me smile. He remembers who I am every time I see him. He also remembers that someone taped my surgery with him. Thank you Dr. Gruss for making me who I am today.
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Board Certification(s)
Plastic Surgery (Non-ABMS)
Medical/Professional School
University of Witwaterstrand, Johannesburg
Research Focus Area

Translational Research

Awards and Honors

Award NameAward DescriptionAwarded ByAward Date
SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2014Seattle Magazine 2014
SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2014Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2014
Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2013Seattle Magazine 2013
Seattle's Top DocSeattle Met Magazine 2013
Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012Seattle Magazine 2012
U.S. News Top DoctorU.S. News and World Report 2012
"Guide to America's Top Pediatricians"Consumer's Research Council of America 2009


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Primary Office

Seattle Children's
OA.9.220 - Plastic Surgery
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Additional Offices

Seattle Children's Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center
1500 - 116th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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