James E. McKeever, PhD

James E. McKeever, PhD

Neuropsychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

On staff since October 2002

Academic Title: Clinical Associate Professor

    • Jay Bainbridge Island, WA 06.18.15

      Dr. McKeever has my highest recommendation. My son has an anxiety disorder. He missed a great deal of school in 5-6-7 and 8th grades. I mean, a lot, as in 25 to 35 days per year, due to anxiety. We got nowhere with two prior mental health professionals. Our lives were in an uproar. We found Dr. McKeever, he diagnosed the problem, including (hate to say it) what us parents were doing wrong. Within a few weeks, attendance at school improved dramatically. He taught my son how to recognize and control his anxiety. Grades and behavior improved. This year, he passed all his classes, and missed just 3 days of school all year. The transformation has been dramatic. Dr. McKeever is outstanding. Our family cannot thank him enough.

    • Lori Everett, WA 06.01.12

      Dr. M. is a Phenomenal child psychologist......My son joseph age 11 has been going to him for almost a year and he has taken on a difficult challenge with joseph. It is very difficult for an adult to gain the trust of my son enough for them to truly work with him and Dr. M managed to do that in a very short amount of time. he gets my son which few people do, nothing phases him and he is able to get me back on track to the task at hand. My son has come a long way since seeing dr. M. on a regular basis and I am truly grateful. His classroom behavior went from the absolute worst child in the school who would attack staff and then being placed in a contained classroom to being not only a leader in his class but a leader in his school winning a distrisct award for overcomming adversity. At home he has gone from daily meltdowns (yes police have been involved a few times) that would last for hours at least 5-6 times a week to minor melt downs that top (on a really bad day) 15-30 minutes and they are not the same kind of meltlowns there is no pushing shoving hitting or punching. He now not all the time but at least half of the time will accept responsibility for his actions and I have become really proud of the hard work he has contributed and am grateful that dr. M truly gets him and was able to assist in such wonderful results in so short of a time. I wish that seattle childrens would offer more clinical hours to children like joseph because the staff truly helps to change lives and dr m. is an example of this. thank you.


Medical/Professional School

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester
University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, Family Therapy and Research
Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Pediatric Neuropsychology

Clinical Interests

Child and adolescent psychopathology; assessment and treatment; developmental psychopathology; pediatric neuropsychology