Courtney Kaohinani Rowe, MD

Courtney Kaohinani Rowe, MD


On staff since July 2017

    • Zanetta VC, Rosman BM, Rowe CK, Buonfiglio HB, Passerotti CC, Yu RN, Nguyen HT
      Predicting anatomical urological abnormalities in children who present with their first urinary tract infection.
      23613178 Clinical pediatrics , 2013 Aug. : 52(8)739-46
    • Rowe CK, Franco FB, Barbosa JA, Minnillo BJ, Chow JS, Treves T, Retik AB, Nguyen HT
      A novel method of evaluating ureteropelvic junction obstruction: dynamic near infrared fluorescence imaging compared to standard modalities to assess urinary obstruction in a swine model.
      22999537 The Journal of urology , 2012 Nov. : 188(5)1978-85
    • Rowe CK, Pierce MW, Tecci KC, Houck CS, Mandell J, Retik AB, Nguyen HT
      A comparative direct cost analysis of pediatric urologic robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery: could robot-assisted surgery be less expensive?
      22283146 Journal of endourology , 2012 July : 26(7)871-7
    • Marchini GS, Onal B, Guo CY, Rowe CK, Kunkel L, Bauer SB, Retik AB, Nguyen HT
      Genome gender diversity in affected sib-pairs with familial vesico-ureteric reflux identified by single nucleotide polymorphism linkage analysis.
      21981614 BJU international , 2012 June : 109(11)1709-14
    • Kreshover JE, Dickstein RJ, Rowe C, Babayan RK, Wang DS
      Predictors for negative ureteroscopy in the management of upper urinary tract stone disease.
      21601252 Urology , 2011 Oct. : 78(4)748-52
    • Rowe C, Ganick S, Munarriz R
      Traumatic vasculogenic erectile dysfunction: role of penile microarterial bypass surgery.
      20821353 Current urology reports , 2010 Nov. : 11(6)427-31


Medical/Professional School

Boston University School of Medicine, Boston


Urology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston


Pediatric Urology, University of Washington, Seattle
Pediatric Urology, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston