C Peter Richardson, PhD

C Peter Richardson, PhD

Newborn Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Respiratory Support Technologies

Academic Title: Research Associate Professor

Research Center: Center for Developmental Therapeutics

Making a Difference


Research Description

Defining optimal ventilator settings for infants on mechanical ventilation. Development of mechanical ventilators for infants in third world countries.

About My Work

Research Focus Area

Chronic Conditions / Special Health Care Needs, Pulmonary, Quality Improvement


  • Diblasi RM, Zignego JC, Smith CV, Hansen TN, Richardson CP
    Effective gas exchange in paralyzed juvenile rabbits using simple, inexpensive respiratory support devices.
    20814347 Pediatric research , 2010 Sept. 1
  • Diblasi RM, Zignego JC, Tang DM, Hildebrandt J, Smith CV, Hansen TN, Richardson CP
    Noninvasive respiratory support of juvenile rabbits by high-amplitude bubble continuous positive airway pressure.
    20308940 Pediatric research , 2010 June : 624-9
  • DiBlasi RM, Salyer JW, Zignego JC, Redding GJ, Richardson CP
    The impact of imposed expiratory resistance in neonatal mechanical ventilation: a laboratory evaluation.
    18957147 Respiratory care , 2008 Nov. : 1450-60